Drupal 10: Testing Migration Process Plugins (www.hashbangcode.com)

Drupal's migration system allows the use of a number of different plugins to perform source, processing, and destination functions. Process plugins are responsible for copying and sometimes manipulating data into the destination. There are a number of different process plugins that allow you to get data in different ways and and...

How To Fix Drupal Issues With Git Patches Using 'Git Apply Patch' Command (www.lnwebworks.com)

Have you ever faced any problems on your Drupal websites coming from Drupal core, its contributed modules and themes or do you want to enhance their functionality as per your requirement which can't be possible through your custom modules? As you know we can't apply code directly there, then what could be the solution for this?...

Transitioning from Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS · Greg Boggs (www.gregboggs.com)

As the impending end of life for Drupal 7 draws near, the necessity for website owners to consider their migration options becomes increasingly urgent. While the prevailing trend in the Drupal community leans towards transitioning to Drupal 10 to leverage its modern features, some are hesitant due to the associated costs....

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