Blindspotting (2018) (

Caught this on tv last night, couldn't turn away. Spolier - this clip is one of the final scenes of the film so will give the general ending away, but it just needs sharing for Daveed Diggs' amazing performance if nothing else (but much more), so do with it as you will but by all means, do watch the movie first if you don't want...

Sri Lanka Hotel (

Located above the waters of a beautiful blue lagoon, you'll find The Postcard Galle with the best Sri Lanka hotel price. Elevate your enthralling holiday to the next level with an early morning adventure of watching the blue whale, strolling through the balmy rainforests, or relaxing on the palm-fringed beaches, and indulging in...

Greek strikes see huge turnout as workers plan further escalation against the government. This is how you do it (

Tens of thousands of people… joined protests in Greece, with strike action bringing the country to a standstill, on the first anniversary of a deadly train crash blamed on decades of poor railway management....

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