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I recently heard a pastor of sound doctrine say, "In churches of sound doctrine there are also ravening wolves."

Let us not forget that the apostle Paul learned at the feet of Gamaliel, he had more knowledge than anyone, however, before having an encounter with God he persecuted Christians, the Bible says that he consented when they killed Stephen by stoning him.

Paul had all the characteristics of a doctrinally sound Christian today, yet he persecuted Christians! and he agreed THAT THEY SHOULD KILL A MAN WITH STONES!

The truth is, when I began to know churches with sound doctrine, I believed that they would be salvation in the midst of a church full of debauchery. In these horrible 8 years and 6 months that I have been living in this city I was able to get to know them closely and it is obvious that there are some like Juanma, Sugel Michelen, Paul Washer, John MacArthur, Vodie B, obviously Paul Washer, Miguel Núñez among many others, who It makes you want to hug them and kiss them.

But there are others who are simply ravenous wolves, there are some who behave just as the apostle Paul behaved before having an encounter with God, and in this month of December I saw them more unleashed than in any other year. Yesterday the 24th I was surprised to see how on Facebook some brother posted a message wishing Merry Christmas and these people of "sound" doctrine attacked them so strongly that it seemed like stoning, just as they did with the martyr Stephen.

Let us never forget that people like this were the ones who took Jesus to the cross. We have to be careful, it is not in vain that the Bible says that we have to keep examining ourselves.

I love knowledge, since I was a child I have been a born researcher. I always say that if I had had the possibilities I would have more doctorates and academic degrees than anyone. Since I was a child, my mother instilled in me the study of the scriptures.

I grew up sitting next to my mother in the middle of preaching with a Bible dictionary, several versions of the Bible and a Bible concordance to check that everything the preacher said was correct (later she preferred an easier and more accommodating gospel).

Create an online Christian library free of heretical books to help God's people gain knowledge. I have written 4 books as cheap as I could place them to bless the church of God.

Sometimes people think that one writes these things because one has no knowledge and one wants to promote ignorance. NO! Only in these 8 and a half years I have learned that sometimes knowledge and zeal can cause these people to end up persecuting true Christians as happened with the apostle Paul.

Knowledge and zeal make them cold and heartless. All the times I have asked for help in Christian groups of sound doctrine to help others, the most recent was to help a school and the response has always been the same: In some cases only silence and in other cases they came out with phrases like: "This Christian group is not to ask for donations but to study sound doctrine."

That's why, to more than one person who asked me to join their theology courses, I responded, "I'm not interested in your courses, workshops, biblical studies, or conferences on sound doctrine unless I see you act with mercy."

God help us! I love the church of Christ, my publications are not to destroy or just criticize, my publications are to see if someone understands and wakes up.

Kisses, I am Profe Bubba

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