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These alpha versions are not stable and expire after a period of time. Their purpose is to allow me to get suggestions from you and to know if they work in your system.
That said, if you have the Pro version for Android you will be able to use the app to its fullest functionality. In that case it would be helpful for me to know if you have found anything that is not working and/or can be improved.

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Good to know. Messages list is a "lazy" stack, I'm not sure if it's me doing something wrong or if it's what SwiftUI can do.
Some features are in the menu bar, you will find different menu items depending on the tab you choose in the application.

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You can read about EJClip here: "accessibility service" mode is available only in "Pro" version.
There is also a free, stand-alone, private clipboard app, you can read more here:

To find the setting to give permission to the app to read notifications read this: Follow the same instructions as for Android 12. Easier way is to open a "Trusted" device settings and enable "Send notifications", you'll get a prompt to open the device setting.

On Android TV the official method is to use the "Pro" or "Go TV" version of the app.
You can also side load the apk of the "Essential" version and use a mouse to navigate the app but since i don't really have test it i can't be sure if everything will work. In this case you'll need the app "SideApps - sideload launcher" that will let you open the sideloaded apps on Android TV.

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That sounds fair, Google can always count to the 15% it takes from my apps.

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