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Eskating cyclist, gamer and enjoyer of anime. Probably an artist. Also I code sometimes, pretty much just to mod titanfall 2 tho.

Introverted, yet I enjoy discussion to a fault.

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Did someone order a smile?

Falinpost (i.postimg.cc)


18+ "Fuck 'em flatties." - Steam, probably. (shota.nu)

spoiler>“Obaa-chan, why do you live alone? Has your husband passed away?” >“No… I never had a husband… or the chance for one.” >“I’m sorry to hear that… if you don’t mind us asking, what do you mean?” >“Well, when I was young and had the beauty of youth, I was short, and a little less well-endowed...

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I hate this discussion. Getting people to understand how one can be into adult women even when they don’t possess a single physical feminine trait besides their genitals, is a slog.

I like a flat chest, a short stature, and a cute face. It would not be wholly incorrect to describe one of the types of girl I’m into as “child-like”. (Nevermind that the other end of my spectrum is well illustrated by !fitmoe)

When others notice, they assume the worst. Any attempt at further discussion is completely futile from then on.

No matter how carefully I explain that my lack of attraction for actual children isn’t enforced by the law or even my morals, but by the fact they don’t yet have a functioning thinking organ, people won’t hear a word of it. Confident in their assumption that they got it right and the “evil pedos” just can’t admit to their thought-crime.

If you can find adults who could be mistaken to be underage, attractive, people for whom that type of person is outside their personal physical preferences, will assume that you would also diddle a kid.

Because they’ve never felt that attraction, or else suppress it, and assume that it is normal. Never realising that different people are into different bodies, while every normal person still wants their partner to be mature, no matter their body type.

Must be nice to only be attracted to the biggest of tits, and thickest butts, to the point you never even have to doubt whether your partner is capable of consent.

In my experience, I’ve at times worried, and once backed out, because I didn’t feel someone I knew for a fact to be my age, was capable of consent. And not even in an “are they drunk” kind of way, but in a “I’m not sure this fellow 18-year-old is self-aware yet” kind of way.

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One of my sisters got very busty very early. She got bullied for it. Fast forward a couple years and those same girls were bullying the flat ones.

Humans have no fucking idea how to deal with body image.

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The thought of taking a powerdrill to mine, ghetto gaming mouse weight reduction style, has crossed my mind many times.

MentalEdge, (edited )
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The point is that there’s a difference in the environment.

Would you go “holy hell, you have a problem” when someone is high strung, and expect it to go down well in person?

Would you suggest to someone that they have a problem to the point of needing professional care, when they lose their cool for the first time in over a year? And that one outburst is your entire context?

There is literally nothing unusual about getting angry.

The only abnormal factor here is how people online react to someone when that happens, and dare to express it.

How is encouraging you to share how the behaviour of others affects you, an argument against pointing out bad behaviour?

What I said was, is that you don’t get to tell others how their behaviour affects them, only how it affects you.

“That makes me feel bad” instead of “That can’t be making you feel good”. The first one you can know is true, on the second, you are always guessing.

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