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Interested in weather, meteorology and photography. Aviation weather observer.

Other account: @Deme

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Aurora Borealis last week [OC] (lemmy.world)

These guys danced accross the sky, reaching quite far into the southern sky as well. Picture taken on 4.4… I’m just mad that while I had hauled my tripod with me, I had left the camera mount back home :))). I stuck a bench into the snow and steadied my hand against that. A couple of these turned out surprisingly well.

Snow shower [OC] (lemmy.world)

Don’t be decieved by the anvil like shape, heavy looking precipitation and icy look of this cloud! This is far from the size and power of an actual Cumulonimbus. But it is interesting in that it fits every criteria of a Cumulonimbus capillatus incus, except the bit about considerable vertical extent for the genus. I’m quite...

The most well developed fluctus I've seen. Altocumulus stratiformis fluctus [OC] (lemmy.world)

Picture taken in August 2022. Fluctus, also known as Kelvin-Helmholtz wave clouds, form when wind shear causes instability in the (usually the upper) surface of a cloud. The formation is short lived and relatively rare. It can also only be seen well from the side like here. This video contains a good explanation of the physics...

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You’re welcome!

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Nah winters are beautiful up north. Sometimes also in the south, but only rarely around the southern coast.

Deme, (edited )
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This was a telephoto at the horizon at around midnight. The sun was only a bit above the horizon, so the lighting was similar to a sunset/sunrise.

Here’s another picture of that same midnight, looking towards the sun.

Deme, (edited )
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Almost forgot to get back to you about that last part: Yes it did, but this wasn’t that.

Here’s a picture I took when the smoke was making a sunset unusually red: https://lemmy.world/pictrs/image/9f244722-c4bc-4216-98dc-5935f2a417b6.jpeg

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Thanks for notifying. Should be fixed now.

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