ncrav, to mechanicalkeyboards avatar

Trying my first planck-like/40% ortholinear build, it's a cstc40 from kprepublic running qmk. Currently with gateron black that came by mistake, soon with either brown or purple.

Glove80 vs Moonlander Mark I? [opinions needed]

I plan to buy my first split keyboard (forever) very soon and would like to hear y'all's opinions on the Glove80 (switch: Kailh Choc v1 Brown Tactile) and Moonlander (switch: Kailh Copper or Cherry MX Brown) two. I've already searched for threads and comments on the matter a few days ago through kbin, so any links to them you...

Sinjo, to random

Does anyone know where I could get a set of rainbow keycaps (ideally quite pastel) for my ErgoDox EZ?

Really struggling to find anything. Happy to cobble something together by buying the same set multiple times if needed.

#MechBoards #MechanicalKeyboards #MechKB #Keycaps #ErgoDox #ErgoDoxEZ

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