Cargo documentation on (

Cargo is an extension that lets pages on the wiki talk to each other. Imagine having a spreadsheet with data about your game that has a bunch of pages. One sheet talks about items. Another one talks about equipment. Yet another one tells you the stats of enemy bosses. Maybe there's one talking about different townspeople and...

New wiki! Brutal Orchestra Wiki (

Brutal Orchestra is a Turn-Based Roguelike Strategy Game. You died, someone killed you. You are now in Purgatory and you will never escape. Make a deal with the "demon" Bosch and set off into this bastardous world finding ​all manner of demented friends and foes on your quest to get petty revenge.

New wiki! Fractured Wiki (

This Wiki got copied from the first one in April'23 with its full history back to the initial code scripting by Kellewic. We want to thank Lucy for her splendid work last year on the Wiki, she helped much to keep it up in the jungle of Fandom Code. The last months we restructured the Wiki because of several changes in the game...

New wiki! Mighty Party Wiki (

It’s very simple and addictive – one tap to put the fighter onto the battlefield and only 3 minutes to win! It can reveal all your tactical skills – define your opponent’s weaknesses and play heroes who can change the situation on the battlefield and bring you top place in rankings!

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