Long Sequence Modeling with XGen: A 7B LLM Trained on 8K Input Sequence Length (blog.salesforceairesearch.com)

TLDR We trained a series of 7B LLMs named XGen-7B with standard dense attention on up to 8K sequence length for up to 1.5T tokens. We also fine tune the models on public-domain instructional data. The main take-aways are: * On standard NLP benchmarks, XGen achieves comparable or better results

Baichuan 7B reaches top of LLM leaderboard for it's size? (github.com)

baichuan-7B is an open-source large-scale pre-trained model developed by Baichuan Intelligent Technology. Based on the Transformer architecture, it is a model with 7 billion parameters trained on approximately 1.2 trillion tokens. It supports both Chinese and English, with a context window length of 4096. It achieves the best...

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