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Pulls on Luocha banner went well. Very happy with the Welt eidolon (E1) and E4 Qingque. Lost the 50/50, but didn't have to reach pity second time. Secret Vow and another copy of Sleep Well is also great.

Yukong technique boost is pretty nifty just for running around. Now to do the companion missions...

edit: just got another GNSW with the standard tickets lmao. Game really wants to buff dps Welt.

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re: web event

Do different suggestions yield different results? So far I've given our local traveling merchant trick snack, (4 hearts), comfort food (4 hearts), and energy drink (5 hearts).


probably not? the only 5 hearts the regular traveling merchant gave me was for cosmic fried rice, the others were 4 hearts

the other customers did give me a bunch of 5 hearts though

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hmm, the only 5 star I got from traveling merchant was for the energy drink. Maybe I'll see if there's an option to give fried rice next time.

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I've been picking abundance path recently to try and get this one last missing blessing, but it just won't show up. I think I might have a better chance at getting it via Ruan Mei at this point tbh.

I got Welt off standard recently, and he's really been putting in work. The slows and cc are so nice.

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I just hit trailblaze level 60, which opened up a lot of upgrades. Working on seele traces at the moment.

I’m trying to hold out until trailblaze level 65 before dumping fuel into farming for relics, but it’s hard. So much of a character’s power is locked behind having nice, leveled up relics. I can’t even do the first level of memory of chaos with what I’ve got now (two parties with all at level 70 and maxed traces and light cones, except for a level 80 seele).

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If you haven't farmed any relics at all yet, it might be worth farming a little to get the right main stats for your dps, speed boots, and an ER/break rope or 2. Relic efficiency doesn't change all that much and half of the pros of farming relics is just getting some exp. But oh man, 60-65 feels so slow.

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Let me start this Lounge...

Still buffing up some characters traces, primarily around Herta, Sushang, and Welt.

And so far, enjoying reading and commenting across multiple instances in the #kbin and the wider #threadiverse #fediverse

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