Zlty, in What Really Happened to JFK?

There is already a great document about this called “From JFK to 911 everythings a rich man trick”

theDutchBrother, in What made you a conspiracy theorist?

How the abusive news channels get to tell us Aliens and Y2K whenever they feel like it and we keep watching because we’re at their mercy for important updates.

theDutchBrother, in CEO of Company that Wants to Scan Your Irises: ‘World ID’ Is Coming ‘Whether You Like It or Not’

They might already be scanning our eyes with our phones. I place a sticker over my camera.

homesweethomeMrL, in What Really Happened to JFK?

How a dogged journalist proved that the CIA lied about Oswald and Cuba — and spent decades covering it up.

Probably a coincidence. Earl Warren wouldn’t lie?!

DontMakeItTim, in What Really Happened to JFK?

Pretty sure he got shot.


Nah, his head just did that

MoscovianSwampGuide, in Dugin: Russia should contemplate hitting Ukraine with nuclear weapons

This is not conspiracy related.

KoofNoof, in Staying positive in the New World Order

I don’t think it will be as dramatic as people are expecting. Similar to how you have the option to use cash now, I don’t think that will go away. You’ll always have the option of whether or not you want to make a deal with the devil for more convenience


I think cash will go away eventually, but people can always barter and crypto currencies like Monero are hard to ban.


In 2020 I was convinced that cash would be gone pretty soon but when I go to the dollar store, I often see the “card only” register empty. I see plenty paying with cash also.

Concept1037, in The CIA Opposes JFK Record Releases Because Each One Is More Damning Than the Last

Oswald was obviously a patsy, and there is also some evidence that he might have been a spy when he was in the Soviet Union. I can’t remember which documentary it was but they went through how when Oswald was back in the US, where he was working/doing socialist stuff there was and FBI building right over the street.

Some people believe that he was a placed agent in socialist organizations to gather information. Him being a “socialist” was perfect for being framed.

If I remember correctly Kennedy denied Operation Northwoods, so I guess they were pissed at him. I’m still not sure if it was the driver who shot him or someone from the grassy knoll.

Concept1037, in Watermarks of the mystery schools - mind blown in 13 minutes

Very interesting, keep posting cool videos like this. Appreciate it!

timeisart, in Do the Rothschilds own the Fed?

If anyone’s to blame it’s Woodrow Wilson, bastard doomed us all by setting this monster loose. Our last real president JFK died because he dared to defy the fed and make his own currency (executive order 11110), been nothing but puppets since. I wish I could say there was a way out other than hoping the beast eats itself so we can start all over, but I’m sure they’ve got plans to profit off a potential collapse and position themselves in front for whatever’s next in their bullshit great reset. Like yeah we do need a great reset, but on our terms


Corbett comments in the video that the story that JFK wanted to make his own currency is a myth (his opinion), but I don’t know. The fact is that it doesn’t really matter, what matters is how we change or react to what the Fed is now. This isn’t just for the US, but also central banks everywhere.

I recently heard a podcast episode on Geopolitics & Empire, great podcast btw, and they were talking about how the central banks themselves are getting so bold as to actually de-bank people, essentially excluding them from society. So, if you have the wrong opinion, like Nigel Farage, then you don’t get to have a bank account and can’t transact in our society.

There are people cheering the de-banking of Farage and the Canadian truckers saying: “they deserve it, they are fascists.” Well, one day their own opinion, or their lack of keeping up with their social credit score / carbon tax, will be their reason for being de-banked.

The point is that we need to think solutions to these local and global problems. I agree, we need a reset, but on our own terms. The globalists want to centralize everything, the answer could then be more local decentralization. I think they won’t succeed, hyper centralized structures don’t work in real life, a one world currency won’t work as there is no one size fits all. How would one type of economy that works in the EU or US, work in the poorest regions of Africa? I doesn’t make sense.


cool thanks for the correction on JFK, I hadn’t watched Corbett’s video in your link at the time of posting but now I have. I’ve come across Corbett before but there’s a wealth of knowledge there I still need to absorb, gonna watch his Century of Enslavement documentary next.

Re: de-banking, this reminds me of the old conspiracy cliche of implanted microchips (the so called “Mark of the Beast”) where all your financial transactions have to pass through the implant and if you get out of line they just deactivate the chip so you can’t buy anything. Turns out they don’t actually need to put an implant in you to exclude you from buying what you need to survive.

“Well, one day their own opinion, or their lack of keeping up with their social credit score / carbon tax, will be their reason for being de-banked.”

Good point here. A comment that came up in the Data Privacy thread here on Lemmy recently hits on a similar idea. Cheering on censorship or more government power is all fine and dandy until one day you hold an opposing viewpoint to the power structure then you’ll wish you hadn’t supported these mafia thugs.

Re: solutions, our ability to create an entirely new world definitely exists and is actually capable of being implemented, but not with the bullies still in power. Any attempt to implement meaningful change will be met with force by those who have a monopoly on the use of said force. Does it have to come down to fighting fire with fire though? Or can enough people eventually wake up and just choose to walk away from the system that it crumbles without firing a shot?

uglytruck, in Pink-haired Portland surgeon who performs sex-change surgery on trans CHILDREN admits they face lifetime of infertility, incontinence and sexual dissatisfaction, in now-deleted video

I prefer to look at it as a societal "Munchausen by proxy" illness. I can't think of many that would sell a gun to child nor sell alcohol or consent to sex with a child. What about serving in the military or driving a city bus? What about a class 8 truck? For some reason, mutilating a child's body if fair game. Now, I'm not saying there aren't children that are predisposed as the opposite gender. I can't see why waiting until a rational decision can be made later on in life... especially given the problems this doctor had described.

Concept1037, in Someone please explain a dead man's switch in the context of a whistleblower

I mean there must be some legitimacy to the concept, as the other commenter mentioned, Snowden had the files sent to journalists for redaction.

On the Snowden story it all died. The Intercept which supposedly had all the files suddenly stopped reporting on it. I think that the alphabet agencies have such control over the media and the internet in general that they really don’t care about dead man’s switches anymore.

Sure, something might be posted on an obscure forum (like how supposedly there have been and are real UAP videos floating about), but I guess we can’t really trust anything anymore. This information overload with real info blended with misinformation and disinformation creates a real problem when finding out the truth. Not only that, when viewing a video/document or whatever, we are so politicized now that we don’t even see the same thing.

Interesting thoughts. I’ll be looking for your post in the future. This is how we create this space 👌

MedicPigBabySaver, in Election 2024: Why It's RFK vs Suarez

RFK is a looney POS.

uglytruck, in Election 2024: Why It's RFK vs Suarez

I honestly think the DNC nominee is going to be Gavin Newsom. There have been growing fluff pieces as a national introduction over the past month or so. I mean, let's be honest, Joe Biden is 80. That's leaving too much to chance between now and the election. Falling wrong, having a stroke, anything... Not that I am wishing that on him, nor anyone. I think everyone knows, a different nominee would be a better bet in the long run. Also, I would say RFK to Tulsi Gabbard is a better comparison. He will be snubbed by the press just like they did her.

uglytruck, in Is crypto currency a psyop?

In all honesty, we've been using digital currency for a long time - credit cards, wire transfers, etc. Crypto was started to have a non-centralized money system that's value was based on something tangible. CBDC is something else entirely. A way to track everyone's spending, assess taxes, turn off a person's means to buy anything if they go against the grain. It wasn't a psyop. One was made to take bankers and policy makers out of the process of determining a currency's value. The other is to gain more control over society.


I agree, good points. Banking has been digital for quite some while, and while I agree that the spirit of cryptocurrency started as a decentralized money system I am unsure that it remains that today. Other than currencies like Monero.

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