Has anyone else been losing track of time in the Fediverse?

I've heard other people talk about falling down Reddit holes over the years, but I was never this engaged on Reddit. I posted maybe a handful of times. I'd usually browse r/popular/top set to desktop version in Firefox on mobile without logging in. Here, though, I'm literally losing sleep and hours pass because the energy, the immediateness, the sense of joyous participation are all so intoxicating. Is this how you're experiencing this? I want to know.

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Although Vulcan is already here for a while (via #mastodon), this #threadiverse has been a new experience.

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Yeah, I normally just lurk around on social media, but the Fediverse has been different for me. There's just so much excitement and energy around all of this and it's just amazing. I easily just lose hours scrolling through kbin or Mastodon, and not necessarily in a bad way. And also, most of the interactions I have on here feel way more organic than they ever did on more "mainstream" social media sites, and I think that adds to the appeal a lot as well.


It's new and exciting, I've probably commented more here in the last 3 days than the last month on reddit. I really hope the fediverse thrives as its an amazing idea.

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Hours are definitely passing quickly for me while browsing kbin, mastodon, and participating in related chats and such. It's definitely one of the first things I think about when I wake up, which is a testament to how intoxicating it is. That said, I don't let anything get in the way of my sleep these days. Overall, I'm glad to have discovered the fediverse. It feels engaging in a way that the early web did for me as I was growing up.


Not to sound ungrateful to Ernest but kbin has been a time sink for me because load times were terribly slow until last night. And then also, there are too few users here discussing the content of the articles that instead of reading the debate to surmise the content of the article, I actually have to read the articles now 🤣

I know, I know. I was probably part of the problem on reddit, but for what it's worth I mostly lurked. Lol

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I never commented on anything on reddit. By the time I found something, everything that could be said, had been.


Oh of course it has because it was mostly not worth sorting by new.

I did used to comment or post regularly on my special interest subs, but not default subs like news.

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