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I have a huge amount of appreciation for the fact that Nautilus / can seamlessly pattern-select, batch-rename and move files both from its treeview and from search results… all with keyboard shortcuts! Extremely useful to clean up filenames.

Today, in someone else's messy folders, I was able to cleanly rename everything and eliminate at least 40 duplicates in a directory that contained over 180 files, most of which were in the wrong locations.

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@nekohayo Curious about the "eliminate duplicates" part. Did you "just" pattern select files with similar name manually, or is there a hidden feature I don't know about?

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@a_lex_ander Ah no, today I mostly used the filtering search and its realtime updating results when you move or rename items, along with batch renaming, previewing & comparing with Sushi, and batch deleting redundant contents I flicked through with that tool; pattern selection is useful in other situations, on occasion…

A dupe detector or integration with @YaLTeR's "Identity" app would be rad, but most files were PDFs…


@nekohayo pattern selection is currently kind of an easter egg. Not sure how to make this useful tool more visible/discoverable without being awkward to anyone not familiar with glob patterns...

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@antoniof With its self-documenting label I personally find it pretty straightforward to use, though I could imagine these improvements:

  • Showing an item for it in the folder pathbar's meatballs menu, for discoverability (instead of only the "Ctrl+S" keyboard shortcut)?
  • Maybe using some color or bold type on the * and ?? / ??? characters in the example label?
  • Wild idea: a realtime preview or indication of how many files the user's pattern would match? A bit like the batch renaming dialog?
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@nekohayo @antoniof wait why didn't I know about this before?? ! 😮

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