Important info

Super important info about the magazine.

To use this magazine you have to accept that you will be sharing personal information with other people. Addresses, phone numbers, off site accounts, real names, etc.

If you have ever participated in the taplap subreddit this will be very farmiliars to you! To reiterate the magazine description, we are not associated with the Take a Plant, Leave a Plant subreddit in any way; although if any mods from there would like to help manage over here please just message me at u/lividhen.

This magazine can be used to share and trade all sorts of plants, but there are some exceptions. Listings for plants that are poached, endangered, or produce illicit compounds will be taken down and you will be banned. These are not OK to share.

Please comment on a listing before sending a message.


I implore you to reference the User repository post when trading with others. It is recommended to ask for more pictures of the exact plant they will be sending you. After a successful trade please comment on it with the users name, instance, and if the trade went well with pictures of the received merchandise. If you never receive a plant or your trade partner dissappears off the face of the planet, please create a thread detailing as much info as you can! Do not give phone numbers or email address. If you need to share those dm a mod with the info and explain why it is necessary. It is urgent you help your fellow traders not fall for the same scam!


Use PayPal goods and services if trading a plant for money! It will provide you buyer protection. Once you send anything via venmo, cashapp, zelle, mail, etc. it is gone. For good. You will never ever get it back. Note to sellers: please do not try to convince buyers to use other platforms!

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