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Lies and scandal: How two rogue scientists at a secret lab worked to benefit China and triggered a national security calamity (

The release earlier this week of hundreds of documents related to the dismissal of two scientists — Dr. Xiangguo Qiu and her husband Keding Cheng — has pulled back the curtain on an explosive national security probe at the Winnipeg-based National Microbiology Lab, part of the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal...

Government contracting process 'absolutely not' giving value for money: Botler whistleblowers (

The co-founders of a company formerly contracted by the Canada Border Services Agency, who raised concerns about the process for doling out government contracts and instigated probes into the ArriveCan app controversy, says the federal government's contracting process is 'absolutely not' giving Canadian taxpayers value for their...

Orchard expansion in Canada's wine country stirs fears a key wildlife corridor will be harmed (

New cherry varieties and climate change in British Columbia’s interior have enabled the fruit to grow at higher than usual elevations. Soon, this grassland terrain surrounded by mountains of ponderosa pine will be full of rows of cherry trees along a sloping hill above this city of about 145,000....

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