Neoliberal Limits - Farmers Protests, Elections and the Far Right (

The ongoing farmer protests are the longest and most impactful of all the farmer protests in the history of the European Union and have led to dangerous changes in EU environmental policy and triggered a new rise of far-right political groups across the EU. In this interview, Natalia Mamonova talks about the limits of...

Copenhagen’s historic Boersen building goes into flames - The Copenhagen Post (

Several streets in the center of Copenhagen were closed during rush hour this morning due to the heavy fire at Børsen. The iconic spire has collapsed. At 7.36am, the first message of the fire in the historic building came in. Emergency services and army are present on a large scale to keep everything under control. […]

German companies increasingly see Japan as a stable choice for production in Asia amid geopolitical tension and uncertainties over trade restrictions involving China (

Fully 38% of German companies taking part in a recent business survey said they are relocating production facilities from China to Japan, while 23% are also shifting regional management functions in the same direction, with economic, political and social stability the primary considerations....

Kaliningrad Governor Blames Dead Philosopher Kant for Ukraine War - The Moscow Times (

The governor of western Russia's Kaliningrad region blamed the 18th-century German enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant for the outbreak of war in Ukraine. “He is directly related to the military conflict in Ukraine,” Anton Alikhanov, who governs the western exclave of Kaliningrad, said Friday at a local political science...

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