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Scott Mumford

"For the first time ever, I'm teaching a real auteur theory course this fall. I ended up choosing Paul Thomas Anderson." (twitter.com)

"Can't wait to dig into the filmography of one of America's greatest living filmmakers over the next few months. Not only will there be great films, but there will be some incredible guest speakers as well."

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Now that's a solid suggestion!! I've had NewPipe on my phone forever--it never occurred to me that it might work on my Shield Pro! 🤦‍♂️ 👍

If I invested in a lesser Android TV for the bedroom (there's a Roku in there) and cancelled the subscription--it would pay for itself (eventually)?

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When I said "lesser Android TV"--I meant a lesser Android BOX....

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Thanks for your desktop addon guide. If there's a way to manually install .xpis from, say, github, I'm in! 👍

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I've been trying to follow your guide for an hour now--but I'm not getting access to any add-ons but the "compatible" ones. For example, when I search for 'Cookiebro', the only two choices it shows me are Ghostery and uBlock Origin.

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there are also a number of Firefox based browsers that have full extension support

I'd love some examples!

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when I open Firefox and click on Add-ons, there were no add-ons and there was an error that “Failed to query Add-ons”

edit: added both collection id and the collection name as it appears on the URL. it is working now.

I'm getting this same error. Added the collection ID and the name where?

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It wasn't at ALL clear to me that this entire process takes place in two DIFFERENT Firefoxes: one on a desktop or laptop install and THEN on your android device!! Maybe I read thru the instructions too fast (real men don't read instructions 😉 ) but they all seem to say "...open Firefox..." without being clear WHICH Firefox they're referring to.

I've now spent close to 3 hours trying to get 3 extensions to work/load properly into Fennec on the Android... Back to Kiwi! "It just works..." 😡

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Not in 3 hours of trying I couldn't.

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I've just spent another 45 minutes trying to install add-ons via Fennec ONLY. It just doesn't work. I only have access to "approved" extensions.

However, when I go to my custom collection in a desktop browser I have full access to firefox addons (as you described we would)--but I have to first search and add them to the collection from the desktop browser.

When that's completed, THEN I can go to Fennec and navigate to the collection and tap the "+" sign to install them into Fennec.


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It does seem an odd decision on their part. There must be some factor(s) that made them go that way?

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