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But you CAN’T claim them on your Taxes!


I hate to be the bearer of bad news…but it was a complete decapitation. The torso and limbs were delivered via delayed C-section and the head was delivered vaginally. This article has the medical examiner’s release including the description of the head being detached.…/LYMJVYQUUBCD3L5MHUGIQEO3PU/


What was the point of your reply then? We know the fucking context.

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You seem to know what you’re talking about. Why can Reddit have porn and do those things but Tumblr can’t?


As someone who still uses Tumblr daily, I like how they’ve neglected they keep pissing around with the site itself which probably drives down engagement, or people purchasing things like the damn crabs or even the ad free premium. That layout they did to make it have the ugly sidebar was a terrible decision and I’m surprised they listened enough to roll it back. At one point I thought about supporting it with the premium but then they did that layout change, and briefly got rid of avatars on the dashboard… people like Tumblr for what it is. They don’t want it to look like Xitter or New Reddit. 😑

House Speaker Mike Johnson Responds to New Round of Scrutiny About Black Son (

Mike Johnson’s meteoric elevation from an under-the-radar congressman from Louisiana to second-in-line to the U.S. presidency sent journalists, Democrats and Republicans alike to uncover information about the personal and professional history of the most right-wing and least experienced House Speaker in history, who took the...

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Wikipedia says he has four kids. His campaign website also says ‘father of four’. Looking at pictures of his family… on his campaign website

I’ll just… leave it at that.

‘Screaming’ Court Staffer Arrested, Trump Told to Simmer Down in Dramatic NY Trial (

Judge Arthur Engoron, who previously handed Trump a gag order for attacking a court clerk on social media, ordered the former president to quiet down after he expressed frustration and interrupted real estate appraiser Doug Larson’s testimony by speaking loudly to his legal team....


Manic pixie eldritch horror dream girl

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I scrolled a bit more, and saw another AI-generated nude of someone who looked like Margot Robbie.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to become an anatomically deformed eldritch horror haunting the collective nightmare of humanity. And also, look pretty.

Dreams do come true.


They are men and belonging to that category automatically makes them rich and privileged.

Privilege doesn't mean that things are easy or automatic, just that (in general) people with privilege don't have the same systemic negatives that those without it have. And it's very indicative of privilege for the men who went to this thing, which was built up over a number of years by a community specifically to benefit the members of that community, to just assume they had the rights of a community member without ever having contributed to that community. Something exists, and therefore they are automatically entitled to it.

I can have sympathy for people desperate for jobs, and I can understand class warfare, and yet ... once again something that women and enbys spent years and decades building up, is ruined because cishet men decided it was more 'convenient' for them to invite themselves into spaces not designed for them.

And yes, I do get frustrated with men not understanding issues of consent, in all of it's different aspects.


I know you didn’t mean it like this, but the result from this line of thinking is that we only try to put women on equal footing with men in tech when it’s convenient for men because times are good. Which in turn means we never put women on equal footing because the needs of men always come first.

Put differently women have to deal with being women in tech on top of times being desperate, men only have to deal with times being desperate. Things like this are why spaces like these are necessary in the first place, and if you break them down at the first discomfort you’re not a working class hero fighting the capital, you’re tearing down women and setting everyone back.


As a teenage girl into coding, I was treated like absolute shit. If I made a mistake in my botball code, it was because I wasn’t good at coding. If a boy made a mistake in their botball code, then it was something that the other boys would help them debug. I remember it being assumed I just wouldn’t be able to figure out what structs were, so the boys running the botball code didn’t teach me. In college, any group project was an opportunity for boys to try to fuck me.

As a trans man, someone who has experienced life as both a man and woman in STEM, there are massive barriers to women. It’s invisible to you because you haven’t lived through it.


I’m pretty sure that Meta is the only company that thought there’s a big market for VR, and even they seem to be giving up on it. Apple’s device seems more oriented to giving you a private workspace than a real virtual world - like a big array of virtual monitors to replace actual hardware - and that avoids the worst motion sickness triggers. Of course, their device is also priced far out of mass market.

The most popular applications for VR are all games, and even the gaming companies are doing very little development in that space. Fewer people think VR will be a big thing than thought 3D TV would be a big thing.

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Bring back anti-trust regulations. Microsoft has been trying to acquire anything they can get their hands on, and really should be dismantled on principle.


Yeah it’s pretty easy to understand that the 84 is the professional reviews. I guess there aren’t just 64 people who put a comment, but 6190 who put a comment (from the image in the post).

The more professional reviews come out the more the score has a chance to go down compared to the first reviews if they were very high. And give some sort of average.

However profesional review scores don’t always align to what most users think, as people like different things, but also the users get very much bothered by a bad start. While the reviewers will give a score on the entire game.

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spoken like a man who only owns khakis and two different colors of polo shirt

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Just FYI, interfering with any drone, even a hobbyist drone flown by a perv spying on you, is a VERY serious crime. The FAA doesn't fuck around with that, because drones are considered aircraft under their jurisdiction. They'll go after you as hard as they would if you took down a fully-occupied 747.

More often than not, you'll get in worse trouble for interfering with a drone than the pilot will for whatever crimes they may be committing with it. It's not worth it. Your best bet is to just report it and go inside.


That’s like a 66% increase. In what world do you think that’ll be any higher in one swoop?

You guys seriously need to not let perfect be the enemy of good.


I was going to say, “Actually that’s not quite true in San Francisco”, but it seems the law changed recently (2012) ……/Social_nudity_in_San_Francisco

Still, based on the existing laws, you could walk around in your underwear and be fine.

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