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Is it gonna be a knife fight?

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Only if it was silent chainsaws and then making Molusk and The Suckerberg do the noises like Homer in The Simpsons Movie

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A few weeks ago they did a video about mech keyboards, without the face or clickbait title, and it was performing much worse after 3 days than even the daily video. The difference was in the hundreds of thousands of views.

Even now, it is one of the worst in terms of views from the past month (excluding the last 3 days, which will probably increase in views still) with 1.1M views, against the 2nd lowest which has 1.2M views, but it is a video about Mac gaming, and that isn't a particularly performing topic.

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I love LTT. It's entertaining, and he shows cool stuff. And you can even learn a thing or two.

And I am gonna be even more unpopular than you.
I find Steve from GN to be boring as fuck to watch regularly (though I watch him when I want to see a specific review, like I do with other channels, his content is very good in terms of information), and he resorts to clickbait regularly, even if a different kind of clickbait (that waste of sand thumbnail, if it was LTT, would be criticized forever).

And more, even if you want to buy something instead of watching for entertainment, you shouldn't rely on 1 single review anyway, so pretending GN is the be-all-end-all for tech reviews is ridiculous.

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And when, for some reason, there isn't an RSS feed given by the website, check RSS-Bridge and see if it has the site you want ;)

(and if it doesn't, if you know PHP, consider contributing with your own bridge)

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Just learned about it last week here on Kbin, because of the Reddit blackout.
I've been feeding a lot of sources to my RSS programs, and just found out a lot of sites either hide or don't have RSS, so that project was enticing.

So I contributed with 4 sources to help it grow ahahah

rcoelho14, (edited )
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Because life hates me, I support CD Feirense, and FC Porto, both from Portugal, both in a sorry state due to the boards being greedy cunts.

At least the Portuguese NT got rid of Fernando Santos, I guess

What options you would like to have in certain Nintendo games?

Knowing that most Nintendo games don't really have options to tweak the game like not even being able to turn the music off, so what options would you like to see weather it's basic thing that basically most pc games have, a easier mode or some accessibility options....

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I think it would be great if all games had full language options, changeable at any time during gameplay, without having to create a user in a different language or start a new save.

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Thank you for your service! (I was too lazy, sorry ahaha)

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Basically, they want their cake and to eat it too.
I remember a few years they were crying because Facebook was stealing their traffic, people didn't go to the websites to read the news, so they didn't click ads. Facebook was basically stealing their money!!!

The problem is that this view is shortsighted, because with these new laws you talk about, people still don't go to news websites, and in fact get their news from alternative sources (and most of them, not good).
So now they are crying, again, but for the opposite reason.

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I mean, it is hard for it to get worse than with 343 ahahah
Have they even been able to release a good Halo game since Bungie left?

This new mod brings full VR to classic zombie survival game 7 Days To Die (www.eurogamer.net)

You've got to love flatscreen to VR modders. They continue to keep PC VR alive and kicking by working tirelessly to produce epic VR conversions of some of gaming's greats, and it's all seemingly done in their own time for little to no financial reward. Aside from maybe the occasional Patreon subscription that is.

Bombshell: Luis Enrique to PSG (article in Spanish) (www.marca.com) Spanish

According to L'Equipe, Luis Enrique will be the next PSG coach. The French media says that the agreement will be made official within the next week. After failed negotiations with Nagelsmann, the Spanish coach has reportedly chosen the Parisian club to replace Christophe Galtier. The French capital club believe they are not too...

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Football Manager 2009

It's the first 3D game and it shows.
After FM2008, my favourite, it was a bit of a disapointment.
Then FM2010 was good, improved on FM11, and FM12 is considered by some people to be the peak of the series.

Coincidentally or not, the last Championship Manager was in 2009/2010, and FIFA Manager's last was 2013/2014, and now Football Manager has been stagnating a bit (or getting worse in some places) because it has no competition in the market anymore.

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You also have Cat Quest 2, which is cute and fun game.

Portal 2 also has a co-op mode and is pretty cheap on sale.

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Not gonna play TOTK for a while.

Gonna finish Bloodstained on PC, then I'll think if I go for a small game, or if I buy Dragon Quest XI and play it.

I have almost 140 hours in BOTW, playing TOTK just after it would not make me like the game ahahah

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