Opportunity to sell plants with Drew Martinez / Carnivero

The Orange County Super Reptile Show is coming up and LACPS friend Drew Martinez of Carnivero is going to be short handed. He needs people to help him set up, but more critically to break down as he needs to be in Arizona that night and he's operating with a bum knee currently. He can pay in Cash or Plants, and honestly, I'd...

All the gears...

I made this image a little while ago and (surprise!) it's already out of date in a few areas, but it was fun to lay out all the gear that makes up a normal short hike for me. I've tried to aim toward #ultralight but also not be dumb about, and I am kinda old so keeping some niceties like the chair make my. time out in the...

an overhead shot of a bunch of backpacking gear, all laid out on the ground. Many items such as a tent, quilt, backpack, electronics, clothing and more

What sort of hands free attachment do you use?

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