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Life is Strange. I played the first chapter of this game. It's just awesome 👌

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Eat your ass !! What does that actually mean ?

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Your post doesn't have any down vote. It says a lot !

Welcome to the fediverse !

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Piped js no longer working since YT started blocking Ad-blockers.

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It uses NewPipe in the backend. Your requests will be proxied through the Piped server.

I don't think we should strive to have as big a userbase as reddit.

Many of us have seen it happening in the last 4-5 years. reddit subs, and reddit in general has become a bit s***. Of course there are still good subs, especially the truly niche ones can often have a small helpful crowd. But with 100s of thousands of users, some sub drown in hate and negativity....

How much of your life have you degoogled? (

We're reaching the end of an era wherein billions of dollars of investor money was shovelled into tech startups to build large user-bases, and now those companies (now monoliths) are beginning to constrict their user-bases and squeeze for every single penny they can possibly extract. Fair or not....

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90% of my life is degoogled. I'm using Google Play services for some stuff (It doesn't have network access 😶) it my normal profile. My work profile is completely degoogled.

Bots are trying to join my instance now through the application requirement

I have the application process enabled for people to join my instance, and I’ve gotten about 20 bots trying to join today when I had nobody trying to join for 5 days. I can tell because they are generic messages and I put a question in asking what 2+3 is and none of them have answered it at all, they just have a generic...

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Impressive ! Would you mind open sourcing the app and publish it on F-Droid ?

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Pixelfed dev Daniel is also building one for kbin.

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Or you can just build a different front-end for fedi platforms. I'm not aware of any instances which are blocking their api. Just use the api !

/kbin server update - or how the server didn't blow up

Currently, on the main instance, people have created 40191 accounts (+214 marked as deleted). I don't know how many are active because I don't monitor it, but once again, I greet all of you here :) In recent days, the traffic on the website has been overwhelming. It's definitely too much for the basic docker-compose setup,...

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Thanks for the update 👍 💚 ... I like the approach you've taken.

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