mrundkvist, (edited ) to scifi avatar

The #Scifi Book Stores in #Stockholm, #Gothenburg and #Malmö are one of Sweden's most profitable businesses in book retail. They sell tabletop games as well. So at their recent equity issuance I did something unprecedented and bought some stock.

#books #ttrpg #boardgames


@mrundkvist Pics - I must see this place!

jhx, to scifi avatar

I want to get more into reading #scifi ...but I do not currently know which book(s) might be interesting to me - not deep into the #scifi ecosystem at all.

Is there something you guys would recommend?
I specifically like topics about aliens and space in general (I know, this might be too broad)

Any suggestion is welcome 😎

virtualbri, to scifi avatar

Here's a good one: Phantom Menace Theatrical versus 4K release.

Does the digital noise reduction hammer the details, especially in faces? Is the new color shift to blue better? You decide

#SciFi #StarWars #Movies #Restorations


@virtualbri A shinier turd is still a turd.

futuremania_curtis, to scifi German avatar

#scifiart #oldscifi #scifi #sciencefiction #spacestation

"Space Station" von Pierre Mion

golgaloth, to scifi avatar

How exacting are you when describing your technology?

#SciFi #Writing #AmWriting #authodons


@golgaloth Does it come with a special titanium toothpick so you can type?

maxim, to scifi avatar

I began to make the logic of the interaction of the cable with the protagonist. I don't want to make a rope that will wrap around objects. I probably add the cable to the inventory, and not drag it behind the character

#scifi #gamedev #indiegame #ue5 #UnrealEngine5 #gamedesign #devlog #gaming #videogames



@jargon OMG - that'd be an awesome phone game. "'Where's my Water?' - meet 'Where's my LAN port!"


thisnorthernboy, to scifi avatar


#b3d #SciFi


@thisnorthernboy Ride or die for the Greebling!

jake4480, to scifi avatar

Wanted a little of something familiar and fantastic before I pass out tonight. It's been too long, Total Recall from 1990. It's been too long.

#90sMovies #SciFi #TotalRecall

Intro scene of Total Recall, Arnie's dream on Mars on a TV in a dark room. Cat head in the way.


@jake4480 How long's it been since I watched 'Total Recall?'

Two weeks!

Barebower, to scifi avatar

Can we return to the era of where authors wrote superb standalone novels or trilogies.
I refuse to buy into series that run past three books...


@Barebower I have good news ...

SFRuminations, to scifi avatar

K. W. Jeter (1950-) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, uncredited, 1987; R, Josh Kirby, 1979



@SFRuminations The Lamborghini is just chefs kiss - pure late-70s

famousblueben, to scifi avatar

I want to start a book club that only reads books in William Shatner's entirely ghostwritten, critically reviled multimedia #scifi series TekWar. Once we end, we watch the TV movies and play the poorly received Doom-clone game too. #bookstodon


@famousblueben good lord, why?

inkican, to scifi

Yay - we can talk on Kbin again!


@piotrsikora We can only hope ... ;)

inkican, to scifi

So what did you think of Dune 2? Honest answers only.


@StillPaisleyCat That's your honest assessment of Dune 2 - "So the OP seems to be suggesting that people wouldn’t be posting honest answers.."? How odd.

astro_jcm, to scifi avatar

#SciFi movies promised us flying skateboards and instead we got "if you let me scan your eyes to train my #AI I'll let you be part of my pyramid scheme"

robcee, to scifi avatar

Dune 2 is amazing film making. Some great performances. The visuals were constantly mind blowing. Villeneuve is the best thing to happen to #scifi movies since Ridley Scott. See also, Bladerunner 2049.

I am sad to report that I giggled at Christopher Walken though.


@robcee I'm really disappointed they didn't offer the role of the emperor to Kevin Bacon in Dune 2. That would have been the ultimate Dune / Tremors crossover.

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