The Acolyte Reminds Audiences Star Wars Isn’t Science Fiction (

The Acolyte is the latest Star Wars project to stir the fandom. The reaction to the series has been positive, yet some criticisms have taken off online. Some are fair as they relate to the story and execution, but others aren't valid because they misunderstand the essence of Star Wars itself or seek a culture war....

Fringe Brought Leonard Nimoy Out of Retirement (

Even if no one has seen an episode or movie in the Star Trek franchise, they know Leonard Nimoy's most famous character. It's the second in command of the USS Enterprise with the pointed ears and the Vulcan salute that is part of pop culture. Nimoy's sci-fi pedigree within his career goes beyond Spock. One of his best sci-fi...

jhx, to scifi avatar

I want to get more into reading ...but I do not currently know which book(s) might be interesting to me - not deep into the ecosystem at all.

Is there something you guys would recommend?
I specifically like topics about aliens and space in general (I know, this might be too broad)

Any suggestion is welcome 😎

mrundkvist, (edited ) to scifi avatar

The Book Stores in , and are one of Sweden's most profitable businesses in book retail. They sell tabletop games as well. So at their recent equity issuance I did something unprecedented and bought some stock.


@mrundkvist Pics - I must see this place!

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