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Brisbane is my love and my life. Great place to raise the kids. Pity about the people tho.

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No one hates the Olmypics less than me however a lot of Brisbanites seem to hate them but.

I'm staying put.

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Why are posts about Olympics being deleted?

Why-the-Olympics-is-actually-the-best-fit-for-Brisbane/top is now deleted

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We need more Olympics so we can turn Parks into CarParks and Hotels and Stadiums.

'Scrounging up every bit of filth': Drew Pavlou lawyer outlines 16-page appeal against suspension LOL what's going on up at the Collij of Knowlij UQ? (

The lawyer for Drew Pavlou, a vocal opponent of the Chinese Government suspended from UQ last week for two years, says his client has been subject to a "kangaroo court" disciplinary process.

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Why is this numbtee always wearing beany and scarfs in Brisbane?

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sauce is reddit where the normes are wailing about how bad the olys will be

sauce is looking out my car window to the car park that is brisbane roads

seriously tho how many heart attacks will this oly cause?

not good for brisbane people at all, they are saying

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