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Paula Vennells: didn’t realise she was evil until the ITV drama

Paula Vennells has announced that she will return her CBE after finally realising she is evil. Surprisingly she had not comprehended the carnage her actions had wrought on hundreds of innocent sub-postmasters until ITV made a drama about it. The court cases were just not as convincing.

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This site is AI generated tripe. The linked article has a paragraph that ends in the middle of a sentence. Blocked.

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Completely Automated, AI-Powered Newsletter: Top Headlines in Politics, Events, Technology, and Business

Hello Everyone!

I'm excited to announce my newest project - an entirely automated Top Headlines Newsletter, powered by GPT-4. Top news that is picked and written entirely by AI is delivered to your inbox every morning at 9 AM PST.

Our system is fully automated, taking care of everything from selecting topics to sending the newsletter. This means that if I were to die today, you would still receive a newsletter every morning.

Our newsletter is integrated with our site, and all stories use 2 left, 2 center, and 2 right wing sources (characterized by AllSidesMedia).

I truly think that AI can revolutionize how we consume news, from mitigating polarization, stopping misinformation spread, and minimizing bias. Please let me know your opinions below!

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I think your newsletter needs an RSS feed.

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