anonionfinelyminced, to technology in 70,000 ATT customers are without service across the US
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Can't even sign into AT&T to view/report the outage. You can (conveniently enough) sign in to pay your bill if you want. AFAIK, the 70k number is the number of reports at Downdetector. It's probably 100s of thousands affected, if not millions.

anonionfinelyminced, to todayilearned in TIL a woman delivered three minutes of Patton Oswalt's 9-minute Parks and Rec Star Wars filibuster speech at a real Michigan city council meeting in 2019.
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Chewie's head on a robot spider-body would be bitchin', but didn't they already do that with Darth Maul in Clone Wars? or did I dream that up?

Now, Chewie's head floating in an armored bacta tank on top of a massive Gort-like body would be pretty cool.

anonionfinelyminced, to nottheonion in Kaliningrad Governor Blames Immanuel Kant for Ukraine War
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Perhaps they should have read immanuel on how to concoct propaganda.

anonionfinelyminced, to news in In a Victory for Poland Spring, Maine Rejects New Groundwater Limits
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In a year or ten hence, the people that voted against this will turn their taps and get nothing but brown sludge, then howl "why isn't the government doing something about this?!?!?"

anonionfinelyminced, to pics in Seattle at Sunset
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Currently rewatching. He's still in Seattle and just got his job back after months of not working and not changing his lifestyle in the slightest. He must not really need the job all that much.

anonionfinelyminced, to pics in Seattle at Sunset
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Where does Frasier live?

anonionfinelyminced, to insanepeoplefacebook in Sovereign citizen gives advice.
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"That darned lawbreaker figured out all the right words to say, and in the correct order too! My hands are tied!" -some hapless clerk.

anonionfinelyminced, to aboringdystopia in 'The economy is different now': Parents pay grown-up kids' bills with retirement savings
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millENiAls ARe DEstRoYINg tHEiR paREnts' RetiREmENt SAVinGS!

anonionfinelyminced, to seattle in Police find military grade air-to-air rocket in Bellevue man’s garage
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"Gonna fix it up. Pinstripe exterior, a 4-barrel carb. Maybe a Grumman 817 inertial guidance, electronic countermeasures. And when I save a little money, a classic Raytheon X-193 class 2 half-megaton warhead. Then I can show it off at the meetup on weekends."

anonionfinelyminced, to google in samsung TVs losing access to Google assistant
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From what I've seen dumb TVs are usually a few hundred more than a smart TV with similar specs. In fact, I've looked in the big box stores near me and can't even find dumb TVs. Even the crappy 32-inch 720p $200 Hisense is a smart TV.

anonionfinelyminced, to google in samsung TVs losing access to Google assistant
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"Sorry, but you clicked 'okay' on the terms and conditions. It specifically says that we reserve the right to alter or remove software offerings on our devices at our discretion.

It also says that your first-born child is to be delivered to Samsung headquarters freight prepaid within 90 days of acknowledgement of the terms. I see from our automated face tracking that you have three children and we have not yet confirmed receipt of... let's see.... Molly, is it? I'll give you a 30 day grace period, after which we will remotely melt your television. How does that sound?"

anonionfinelyminced, to technology in Mozilla slams Microsoft for using dark patterns to drive Windows users towards Edge in a new Research Report
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Microsoft IN SHAMBLES after being SLAMMED by Internet Article.

  • thumbnail of the MS logo with a red curvy arrow pointing to it and a stock photo of a kid crying
anonionfinelyminced, to news in Amelia Earhart's long-lost plane possibly detected by sonar 16,000 feet underwater, exploration team claims
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I always thought of the Culture as the Federation, but super-hardcore. In the Culture, individuals can just upload their mind to a new, undamaged body if they're sufficiently injured that repair isn't an option. Even just popping the head off is enough to revive someone if they don't have a backup and can catch it in time. If the repairs will take a while, they can drop into a simulated reality to do something else while they wait. Some individuals get tired of living and decide to just end it -- no backup. Others get tired of living and have themselves warehoused until something interesting happens somewhere down the line.

But if they made Trek like that, I don't think 80's television audiences could have handled it. I'm not certain 21st century TV audiences are ready for that.

anonionfinelyminced, to android in Lenovo bets its Motorola smartphone brand will be the third-biggest globally in 3 years
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I wouldn't buy another piece of Motorola/Lenovo garbage for any amount of money.

anonionfinelyminced, to news in Arnold Schwarzenegger held at Munich airport over luxury watch
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I seem to recall high end watches being a way to avoid carrying large amounts of cash across borders. Maybe even for money laundering (although that seems cumbersome).

People can carry tens or hundreds of thousands across borders in their luggage as personal wardrobe accessories. Once they arrive at their destination, find a dealer who will buy a watch for cash and they have loads of local currency without paying bank transaction fees or getting government haircuts.

Not that I think that's what's going on here, but it may be the media shining a spotlight on it for some reason.

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