This is what I use. My cat decided that every other type of bookmark was a toy--I would pick up my book each evening and had to find my place all over again. The magnetic bookmarks were the only ones she didn't pull out of my books

annoyedbyfigguy, (edited )

I don't have internet at my house because the crap that's offered way out in the country isn't worth the money--I was devastated when Netflix decided to end the DVD program because that's how I see all new movies. I was hoping that there would be an opportunity to get the retired disks.

I love physical media on top of not having internet. It means that I can always watch whatever I want whenever I want and I don't have to flip between different subscriptions or hope that the subscription I have doesn't get rid of what I want to watch before I get a chance to watch it.


Yep. Eyes are open, so it's at least 10 days old, but doesn't look to be too much older than that. This kitten will need to be bottle fed and stimulated to go to the bathroom. Kittenlady has a ton of info on her youtube


For me it's about the difference between what I like and what I think people should see. If I like it I upvote it. If I think more people should see it I boost it.


There are quite a lot of things that I don't like but think more people should see. The stupidity going on in American politics right now is a big one. I don't like what is happening, but more people should be aware.

Most of the time if I do like it I upvote and boost. It was more of how my brain differentiates between the two


Except for food, I tend to date and initial anything I open. Pedialyte--initial and dated. Medicine--initial and dated. It's definitely something that has to be done at my job, but is also kinda helpful at home. Oh, that isopropyl alcohol has been open for 2 years, better get a new one.


It's more of the alcohol evaporating and all you are left with is water


More calico than tortie. But still incredibly adorable!


I love in an area where the internet is so bad it's not worth the money to pay for it. I have been increasing my physical dvd/bluray collection for a number of years now. I ran out of space so I bought a ton of the thin cases and have slowly been switching everything over. It has tripled my space, which means I can buy more movies!

I am always so disappointed when I can't find something in physical media. The Brink tv show is my biggest white whale.


Carolina Drama is what I came here to say. Not just talking to you, but telling you an amazing story. Such a great song


Favorite Lightweight: Honestly? Sushi Go--it's just so stupid and yet so fun. Wish we had people over to play it more often

Favorite Medium: Dune Imperium--although it very rarely makes it to the table

Favorite Heavyweight: Spirit Island--just a great game overall, but man you have to dedicate time for it

Most Played: Probably Wingspan--it is my husband's favorite game and an easy one for us to get to the table

Favorite: Dune Imperium--hands down my favorite game. Worker placement, deck building, and combat--what's not to love?!

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