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LAWSUIT: Lian Li vs. Phanteks & Thermaltake | Special Report (www.youtube.com)

This special report covers the ongoing legal battle between Lian Li, Phanteks, and Thermaltake. The lawsuit was a complaint filed by Lian Li against Phanteks and Thermaltake for what it alleges to be patent and intellectual property infringement upon its UNI Fan patent and products. The UNI Fan SL series interlocking ("daiy...

Cities Skylines II Releases To Mostly Negative Reviews About Performance

I Downloaded it myself and have about 5-10fps in the main menu on a RTX3090 64GB , 3950X. Most of the reviews say the same. Colossal Order are suggesting you should play on very low detail. I was a massive fan of the original having played Sim City since 1993 but I cant even get into this. It shouldnt have been released so...

Steam Next Fest October 2023 has begun (store.steampowered.com)

Steam Next Fest is a week-long celebration featuring hundreds of FREE playable demos as well as developer livestreams and chats. Players try out upcoming games on Steam pre-release, developers gather feedback and build an audience ahead of their Steam launch, everyone wins!...

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What a great trailer! I was only 14 when this game dropped, but this trailer convinced me that I needed to play it.

The Problem with Linus Tech Tips: Accuracy, Ethics, & Responsibility (www.youtube.com)

This video is not monetized. This video covers our serious concerns regarding the data accuracy of Linus Media Group, including Linus Tech Tips, ShortCircuit, and TechQuickie, particularly as it relates to rushing content out the door to favor -- by staff's own admission -- quantity over quality. As the company continues to...

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