Russia plans to take first Ukraine, then Balkans, then Poland, then Germany, and collapse the EU, which is a threat even to you in whatever miserable little coal-rolling corner of the United States you happen to be griping from.

You want your share of “those wasted taxes” back? Send me your info and I’ll Venmo your fucking $50, big guy.

US Senator Schumer says congressional party leaders reach 'consensus' on aid to Israel, Ukraine (kyivindependent.com)

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that U.S. President Joe Biden and congressional leaders during an April 14 call reached a "consensus" that Congress should act quickly to provide aid to both Israel and Ukraine.


The April 14 conference call, which was in response to Iran’s drone retaliation on Israel, involved President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R), House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D), and House Majority Leader Mike Johnson(R).

Everyone except Johnson has been in agreement since February that the $95 billion Senate package MUST be passed by the House. It included $60 billion for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel. While Johnson states he supports Ukraine, his refusal to put the Senate package to a House vote speaks volumes. To be fair, Mike Johnson is under the sword of Damocles; Marjorie Taylor-Greene has threatened a motion to vacate if the package is brought to a vote, effectively removing the House Majority Leader from his position.

This general consensus is still not unanimous because Mike Johnson values his power too much to risk it by allowing Ukraine to receive any assistance from the United States.


Anyone who ate hot lunch had to eat everything on their tray, and we weren’t allowed to pass on any part of the meal because children in other countries were starving or something. Lunch ladies checked our trays before we were allowed to leave the cafeteria.

On the days when sauerkraut was served, we’d take turns being the sauerkraut smuggler, cramming that dank crap from about a dozen 8 year old kids’ trays into an empty milk carton, so we could toss it all without the lunch lady catching it. One day when I was the kraut smuggler, lunch nazi grabbed my carton and marched me back to the table. She said I had to eat every strand of the milky garbage we’d all stowed before I could leave.

I tried, but kept gagging and retching. I sat huddled with the collective slop at the table, crying for about 3 hours before my teacher found me and released me from lunch jail.


I think a significant percentage of eligible voters have lost ALL hope. We’re politically and socioeconomically disenfranchised, corporations are turbocharging the Anthropocene mass extinction event with impunity, reality is horrifying, and we’re just fucking exhausted.


This picture took me down a fascinating Estonian rabbit hole. I knew nothing about Estonia before today, and now I want to live there!

Also, fuck Russia for centuries of attempted genocide and general assholery.


The summer I was 11, all the bored neighborhood kids decided to play a game of chicken with our bikes. We raced down a narrow ramp that ended at a huge concrete wall, to see who could speed the farthest without braking.

When it was my turn, I hopped on my hot pink Stingray with the banana seat and pedaled for all I was worth. I accidentally hit the wall at full speed, the rear tire flew up behind me and I was smashed flat against the wall like a bug. When the rear tire came back down and I could breathe again, I looked up to all the horrified faces and grunted “I won”, then got back on my bike and casually pedaled away until nobody could see me crying and bleeding all the way home.


Considering the facts that everything in politics is stupidly transactional, and that:

  1. The POTUS doesn’t control foreign aid and must rely on congress to agree

  2. The deeply religious House Speaker Johnson, who controls which aid proposals will come to the floor, is fervently in support of Israel

Is it possible that President Biden is throwing a bone to the hard right, in the form of support to Israel, in order to get desperately needed aid to Ukraine ASAP?

I mean, we ALL understand that a US President doesn’t have the unilateral power of a king, and there’s a shit ton of finessing behind what we can see.


That’s just it! POTUS isn’t a dictator. It’s astonishing to see headlines ignore the fact that the powers of the office of the president are limited. No president has the authority to force Congress to pass any kind of foreign aid legislation or to impose peace on the Middle East.

The horrors occurring in Gaza, Ukraine, and throughout the world elicit deep emotions in us, but they’re beyond the control of one elected official, which is what keeps us from living in true tyranny.

It’s disturbing to see so many smart people lean toward a candidate who seeks chaos and destruction simply because they feel outrage at atrocities that can’t be solved by a POTUS, but could definitely be exacerbated by one.


While this CR only extends the deadline for a possible government shutdown to March 8 and March 22, it demonstrates once again how quickly the United States will betray commitments to allies and ultimately stand down at the real threat of Russian invasion.


I was troop leader for GSUSA, and you called it. The organization is very protective of its image, in order to be open to kids from ALL cultures. The rules regarding political activities under the Girl Scouts banner are clearly stated, and if there are any questions or requests for an exception, the staff is always willing to help.

This troop could have simply cleared the plan in advance, or participated in political, humanitarian fundraisers without involving the organization. The fact that the leader decided to break the rules, take offense, disband, and publicly infer that the Girl Scouts values are questionable says a lot about who has what agenda.


It is the position of the national organization. People here are going on about how a troop was allowed to raise funds for Ukraine, without reading the part that states how that troop asked in advance for an exception to the rules and took the required steps to do it.


The “just go through the steps” people is me - the solitary commenter who has declared direct and extensive experience within the organization. You’re correct that one of the steps is approval, yet the woman in this instance never requested approval. What is wrong with requesting approval for an exception from an organization that isn’t yours? Everyone else requests approval, just like we all would if we wanted an exception at work, because we don’t own the company.

It boggles my mind that almost every commenter here is certain that there would never have been approval because GSUSA is Zionist, Girl Scouts is made up of donors who are largely Jewish, GSUSA is genocidal and would lose money by granting approval to the nonexistent request. This is all emotion and vile conjecture. Where are the facts to support such accusations?

Why don’t the rules apply to this one individual. I led many activities that had to be cleared, and because I don’t own the Girl Scouts, because I’m not in charge of the organization, I never thought “Oh, those rules aren’t meant for me”. I simply made the requests and provided details as needed. Then my request was approved almost every time. Somehow, this one person is the only one who is above that? And this means the Girl Scouts are racist? What a massive, crazy leap!


I just read HB 269.

There’s a big list of hallelujah shit for Utah schools. IN GOD WE TRUST must be displayed prominently. Selecting excerpts (cherry picking for god) from the Magna Carta, the Ten Commandments, the Mayflower Compact, the pledge of allegiance, etc and displaying or distributing copies of these excerpts in public schools is an acceptable part of the curriculum. This indoctrination shall not be censored due to religious or cultural beliefs.

To answer your question, no, the 10 C’s is just a tiny piece of the dismantling of free thought. The “non-profit” church now demands to have carte blanche influence on all kids in public schools.


“Other well-known international food companies such as Nestle have also continued their operations in Russia. Nestle was added to Ukraine's list of "international sponsors of war" in November 2023.”

Of course Nestle is there.


This $44m allocation is from the June 2023 pledge, and is for “spare parts, weapons stations, avionics, and ammunition”. Oh, there’s also part of that 2023 package that provides training to pilots, valued at fifteen million dollars, can I get an Amen!

It’s better than what the USA is doing, but it’s still just re-announcing support that was pledged 7 months ago.


I was talking to this old man from South Dakota last week. He stated “we’re being invaded because our president won’t do anything.”

When I explained that a President can’t run around making laws - Congress is supposed to make the laws, but they haven't, he snapped “Well, he should MAKE them!”

Isn’t it frightening that adults believe a POTUS is directly and personally responsible for state and local decisions? Like he has the authority to break any law and force all elected officials in the USA to bow to his tyrannical will? And that when he doesn’t do this, everything is his fault, so he shouldn’t be re-elected?

Isn’t that terrifyingly absurd to you?


This crisis is caused by every adult Texan who didn't vote against - or who voted for - Governor Greg the sadistic psychopath Abbott, who proudly values the protection of toxic waste more than human life.

The state of Illinois should place these 13,200 people in hotels with complimentary room service, and bill it ALL to the great state of Texas. I’m sure those taxpaying patriots are happy to put their money where their vote is.


I’m disgusted that the President has to stop to ask for support against Russian Invasion! The entire world should be begging Ukraine to accept limitless aid while so many Ukrainian people lose EVERYTHING as they hold back the global threat that’s worried nations for decades.


A federal judge has paused the lawsuit against Meade and Franklin County until after the criminal case. The officer had argued that simultaneously defending himself in both cases would put him in a no-win situation.

It seems a “no-win situation” is being Black while bringing sandwiches to Grandma’s house.


Waiting for Russia to claim it was nose-to-tail full of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

Ukrainian officials meet relatives of POWs who Russia claims were in crashed Il-76, say no evidence to confirm that (kyivindependent.com)

Ukraine’s Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War said on Jan. 26 that during the planned exchange of POWs two days earlier Moscow was to return to Ukraine 65 people from one of the lists Russian propagandists shared after the crash of Il-76 transport plane in Russia's Belgorod Oblast.


If I was a diabolical sadist who specialized in disinformation, I might claim that the country I’m invading killed its own prisoners, then sit back to enjoy the chaos and pain.


In the dog show world, there are no abortions if an undesirable pregnancy occurs; it could harm the registered bitch.

Unfortunately, the issue would contaminate the bloodline, so when the pups are born it’s common practice for the veterinarian to euthanize them. Think of all the problems solved, if only we let the republican veterinarian define healthcare for breeding bitches.


Exactly. Synonyms for “conformity” include submission, obedience, surrender.

Important to keep in mind that the objective of public education is to prepare a productive workforce while conditioning that workforce to stay on its knees.


There are some originals that shouldn’t be touched, and I believed IM Bust a Move was one of them, but holy fuck this Bliss remix takes it to the next level! Thanks for sharing!

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