There are mulesing free certificates, and some companies go the extra mile.

Varusteleka is pretty open about their wool, but they don't have the biggest selection.

(varusteleka, I've called you out twice on this account, sponsor me lmao)


It is a pretty good article but I have some nitpicks:

They say both that you cannot decide in a vacuum and fast fashion uses synth materials to make disposable clothing. I think given these two ideas, the carbon usage for one garment of wool vs one garment of nylon should include all the "waste" garments produced as well. Since, when you buy from a company that practices this, the impact is from the whole process, as they are keen to point out. That includes the sweatshop to landfill garments.

Personally I like not wearing a microplastics generator.

I am also curious about hemp clothing.


That is correct.

Ethics come at a premium. Ethics are a luxury good.


I agree with you wholeheartedly.

I buy very few clothes, so I save up to spend more on ones I think will last longer.

It's very burdensome when something doesn't last long enough to reach that price-equilibrium point compared to simply purchasing more, cheaper clothing.

I am currently almost out of socks and panties because of this :(


Unfortunately extremely high water usage to grow cotton, and a lot of it is grown in places that need that water for other things (RIP Aral Sea).

Based on the article we should use flax aka linen, which I suppose makes sense. Linen was once a finery due to the excessive effort needed to produce it, but now we have machinery.


Big Journalism wants you to believe journalists are subject matter experts. They're not.


Ears neutral, whiskers forward, mouth closed.
All signs of friendliness and acceptance.

Eyes are fully open so kitty is aware and alert, but pupils aren't in attack mode.

Seems fine, kitty is probably going to be annoyed about the whisker touching if it keeps happening tho.


Socialization and temperament, plus some kitties are real snugglebugs lol


If they revoke your license you should get a full refund tbh.

If it's worth $n to access something, then the damages for revoking it should also be $n.


Thanks for my $3 for taking away my ability to run linux on PS3 :(


It shouldn't matter as long as the sites are developed only with open standards.

We already have webcompat for anything truly broken.

Fusion 360 increasing annual price to $680 USD (

Got this email from Autodesk that Fusion is increasing their annual price by a huge amount. I subbed for 1 year a couple years ago for I think $380. Then I was able to get an educational sub after that. Fusion is still the cheapest CAD software out there, not including the free stuff like FreeCAD, but still, this price increase...


I spent a lot of time in free cad and am now trying Bricscad. I wanted to use Alibre because it's way cheaper but it's windows only and I couldn't get it running in Proton or Wine.

I like freecad a whole lot, but I couldn't stand the number of crashes any longer :(

I couldn't find any other sane priced software that wasn't Cloud-integrated (looking at you, dassault).


It's a very sticky watermark. If you open and save a file in educational, the watermark cannot be removed even if you open it in paid commercial version later.


I tried it and made a few things for around the house.

It's fine, but it's Invasive, and so cloud connected that I got really fed up with it.

I would pay them the same price for an offline only version.


Not sure why it happens.

Just using it on fedora as installed from the repos.

Suggestions for Merino Wool Tshirts?

My old Merino wool shirts both have a hole now. They were the cheapest Amazon ones I found and sold even cheaper because the label was wrong. I want to buy new ones, but I need suggestions before buying a shirt for 70€ on the internet. I want a loose fit and black colour. Any suggestions for high-quality shirts? I’m in...


Varusteleka, and you can also get a wool hoodie, wool pants, wool socks, etc.

You can also get shipping by re-pack so the packaging is not wasted either, it goes back to posti for delivery back to businesses.

BIFL shipping packaging haha.


That's right.

They supply their military as well as sell things for civilians.


No, these devices hold water at the appropriate temperature for long periods of time using extremely good insulation. They provide hot water on-demand after reaching temperature and are used in a way that is somewhat different from kettles.


Because the structure the government set in place prioritizes the biggest heaviest vehicles over smaller cars that are more fuel efficient in absolute terms, but are disqualified due to not meeting the exponential curve of MPG per lbs that make up the limits.


I never have been able to.

I used to be able to boil my water with electrons from a nuclear reactor.

Now that I moved, all my electrons get excited by high tech coal..... Oh...

when will be your last time to vote for the "lesser of two evils"?

When will be your “this is the last fucking time I’m voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’, then I don’t care after that, let this country burn to the ground”? For me, this is basically it. This is last election I’m going for that " lesser of two evils" bullshit. After that I’m done. It’s just pointless. Let’s...


You guys were voting based on "lesser of two evils" and not based on who you actually like?

I've always just voted for the guy I like best. I never felt that voting tactically was truthful.

If everyone was like me we'd have a nicer political climate, I think.

I'll keep doing that so you can feel free to join me in doing that until we reach the critical mass point.


Sometimes I have to write someone in, but it still counts as a vote!


You can always skip offices that don't have a good candidate.

Spoiled votes are tracked as a separate statistic!


Since you're talking specifically about the presidential election, I actually am helping my candidate, since if I and others can get 1% of the popular vote for someone, then they can get easier access to ballots, debates, and federal funding next time.

Michigan continues overhaul of gun laws with extended firearm ban for misdemeanor domestic violence (

Michigan Democrats who have transformed gun laws in the state in the wake of multiple mass school shootings are now making it more difficult for individuals with convictions for misdemeanor domestic violence from gaining access to guns....


Ultra-agree, the thing that really makes no sense here is softballing violence because it happens with an intimate partner.

If we treated it like every other violence you wouldn't need a special one-off patch law since their rights would be automatically restricted by the prohibited person laws.

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