I'll add another suggestion for Yu-Gi-Oh games. The only one I've played is Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution on Steam, and I'd recommend that. My understanding is that it has basically every card from the time it was released, so you have a lot of options for trying new things. Just make sure you get that, and not the original Legacy of the Duelist. Link Evolution has all the DLC from the original Legacy of the Duelist, plus link monsters and the VRAINS storyline, neither of which can be had for the original game.

And it's not quite a traditional TCG, but since it has heavy deckbuilding elements, I'd also recommend the Mega Man Battle Network series. Battles are more action-based than something like Pokemon or MtG, but all your special moves come from a deck of cards that you put together. Might be worth looking up some gameplay to see if it's something you may enjoy.

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