I hate to tell your this but his mother lived to 106...


Nah, we will go back to the days when the whole world consists of this valley and the one next door.

When our village attacks those bastards from over the mountain we will call it a world war.


I'm still so pissed that The Peripheral was canncelled.


The French will never agree.

Their stance has always been, if France is threatened we will use every weapon in our arsenal.

They do not have end the world stocks of nukes like the US or Russia so their attitude is, "Fuck with us and we will end you."


The sad part for me is not that cunts will sell out their nation for cash but how little money it actually takes.


And we are militarily and culturally tied to both. Fucking with us is part of their job of fucking with europe and america.


Standard practise.

1: Announce change you know will piss people off.

2: Receive expected backlash

3: Publish retraction.

4: Wait 6-12 months.

5: Implement change to barely a word of protest.

6: Profit (in the short trem...)


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Can I assume you were a teenager/early 20s in the 90s?


That has been true of every decide for at least a century.


Not a surprise, the good old days for each person is pretty much always when they had the most autonomy and the least responsibility.


Yes. And 75% of car driver believe they are above average as well...

Brain-Computer Interfaces And The Next Era Of Entertainment

Numerous companies such as multibillion dollar game developer Valve, and BCI software startup Neurable have already been for the last few years starting to look at ways brain computer interfaces can be commercialized and developed for use in gaming. Once speaking with IGN, Valve cofounder and president Gabe Newell was quoted as...


Is this before or after VR become the next era in Entertainment?

I can never keep these hype cycles strait...

TIL about the concept of Weaponized Incompetence, a psychological concept wherein you strategically fail to perform something you don't actually want to do (en.wikipedia.org)

This is illustrated by getting elected on a platform of erasing student loan debt and then pretending that you can’t do anything about it, or claiming to be against genocide and drawing out or never performing the process of pulling financial and political support for an ally who’s committing genocide.


Well, that turned political quickly.


After reading the title I thought of that person in seemingly every office'workplace who fucks shit up on purpose so it gets assigned to someone else.


Reads post and your comment. Checks what community I am viewing.

Well, it was fun while the fediverse was not just a cesspit of US politics

Why does our civilization send signals and our location into space?

Individually doing atmospheric analysis for every planet in the galaxy is probably an impossible task for a civilisation confined to a single solar system. Listening for signals is something our civilisation already does. If we discover radio signals from a primitive civilisation in the next star system over there’s a non-zero...


The big thing people over look when considering the we are broadcasting thousands od watts into space, they might hear use is SNR

Signal to noise ratio. (the more random stuff on a frequency the harder it is to read the signal)

Yes, humans are pumping out a huge amount of radio (etc) signals into space. it is not coherent or directed.

Thousands of antennae all over the world pumping different signals but from far away, they are all noise interfering with each other.

IIRC: Even if there was a radio telescope only a few light years away, all they would see pointing directly at earth would be static.


Capitalism also needs a functioning environment to continue...

Pons_Aelius, (edited )

The author, James Clavell wrote 6 novels set in Asia that span 400-ish years. Shogun - 1600 to the last set in the 1990s.

Shogun is one of the best but they are all worth a read.

My rating of the Series.

Shogun & Noble House tied for first. (both were made into mini-series in the 80s)



King Rat (his first novel, based on personal experence in WW2)



Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Made mid '80's.


If you are going all the way back, movie wise, you can start at Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan as the first one is not the strongest.

2, 3 and 4 make a good trilogy.


Centrists: It’s the same thing!1!!

Response from a country that does not ahve the death penalty.

Well, they are...

It is not how the state does it that is the problem but that the state does it.

There is no way to humanely kill someone who does not want to die.

Pons_Aelius, (edited )

a whole lotta worse than regular executions

Only to the people justifying state murder. To the person involved, they are still dead either way,

To me the Saudi.Taliban methods are more honest, though just as mortally reprehensible as the USA's. The Saudi's are proud that they murder their citizens and are not afraid to show it.


Yes. That was my point.

You find it funny.

I find it sad that a nation that claims life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as founding tenets defends the death penalty.

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