Maryam, an acid-attacked victim from Tabriz being treated in Tehran - 28 April 2018.

37-year-old Maryam is a victim of a family conflict and burned by her husband with acid; hands, her face and hands burned heavily, but not her eyes. This is the second acid attack incident in Tabriz during April 2018.


So, this is not some kind of avante-garde statement about the nothingness of the nature of mankind or anything.

The photo did not load correctly, but I am unable to remove it either from my own account, or by moderating it right now. Some error with Kbin. So that's what that is. XD


Yes. I just had to log in again.

Before I was only having this issue on Lemmy.


Well damn I guess it's time to start an Adam Driver mag.

(I'm not the only one who browsed this to find communities to join right?)

(Also: most of these are [edit: not celebrity] related. Unless Vegans are celebrities now.)


Yasss a non-mod post! Thanks for your contribution!

Openminded-skeptic, (edited )

It's in the Netherlands somewhere? I couldn't find the exact spot though.

EDIT: OK it's a New Year's Eve competition to build the largest bonfire that gets a littttle out of hand sometimes and they build things like that tower there, which is totally safe and good for the environment lol. It's the beaches near the Hague in the Netherlands where it usually takes place.

Oh I forgot the alternate text I entered for transcription purposes isn't visible.

It's a well known like bonfire celebration in the Netherlands that celebrates... things. I don't know what things, just things. LOL.


Isn't the founder of Tildes a former Reddit admin with a pretty well-known account? Or am I remembering that wrong?


Yeah- there is so much information that is more detailed and accurate to specific situations in almost every area that would be lost to the future.

And you literally never know what weird take on a current situation, or what seemingly small detail of information about a field of knowledge might be important to people, historians, etc., in the future. So much of our knowledge is in our inherent understanding of how the world is right now, that we tend to assume that that knowledge will always be there and available, but that's not necessarily the case.

Anyway. I get deleting, or even removing maybe some of the more frivolous content if possible, ("This" "So much this" somes to mind lol) but I think it's ok to preserve that history.


LOL I was going through old pet_renaissance posts and I found this cat-alter-ego of the hound above:

Cat of the Baskervilles anyone?

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