Right? Is this post wash, and still looking like this, or is this pre-wash?

I am neurodivergent, and really struggle with dishes. Touching other peoples leftover food absolutely disgusts me and it takes a lot of mental effort to do a load of dishes. No one in the house cleans their shit, they just dump it in the sink, and there is nasty stagnant water, left over whole-ass meals, chunks of food floating in gross, opaque liquids.....

I almost threw up just from this description.

If I do a load of dishes, I have adopted the reality that some shit will have to be ran through twice. I'm not aiming for perfect, I'm just trying to get it done.


I'm going to open this in a way that is probably not lending credit to much, but I'm a CIS straight white male.

I'm also Aromantic.

I'm a tiny part of the A at the end of LGBTQIA+, and I have no strong opinions on being left out! I love that we are included at all!

I hit the big supportive events in my community, and occasionally visit a couple of the gay bars while sporting my Aro flag ring and dying my beard in various colors.

I can't remember where I was going with this comment.

Lycist, (edited )

I don't want to fight either!

Speaking as an aromantic though, I am very heterosexual. I just don't enjoy all the lovey dovey squishy romantic things.. Holding hands is mostly ok, anything beyond that kinda grosses me out. (Kissing is so weird...) I very much enjoy most of the more intimate physical things though.

Many aromantics enjoy physical relationships, but don't understand the more romantic aspects of them.


I need to pronounce this as one word.

Is it bop-els or bo-please?


Popped in to mention Tyranny, saw it was the first comment.

Absolutely LOVE Tyranny, its got so many morally questionable choices to make! I really, really hope Obsidian makes a sequel!


An example of this I use on occasion is:

You date someone years ago and no longer are. You've moved on, but that person then goes and commits a heinous crime. The police decide that since you dated years ago, and that record of your personal info is stored on some database they have somewhere, they no-knock warrant into your house, and shoot you dead in your own bed (Brianna Taylor - Louisville KY.) because they think there's a possibility he was there.


RoR2 felt too.. balanced.. Too controlled.
The original allowed for nearly unlimited collection of items, and insane combinations.

For example: Collecting barbed wire and crowbars I 3 shot the final boss (one insta-kill for each form) directly after it spawned in.

You could loop infinately prepping and getting the wildest combination of items.

Personally, I enjoyed the hell out of both games, but RoR1 was a lot more fun with the insanity that could develop.


I try hard not to do things that are too cheaty too. Ruins the fun for me as well, however - convenience type things like increasing the money a shop has so I don't have to wait a billion times to sell stuff? Bet your ass.


Also saw it for the first time last weekend, hell of a movie. Probably one of the best villains I've ever seen, dude meticulously had everything worked out.


The Disgaea games are a great grind, tons of Post Story content to delve into and days of pure grinding.

Tactical RPG is the genre, fyi.


heard recently that people with ADHD can't form habbits in the same way neurotypicals do, thats why we struggle with this shit so often!

I try to brush before bed, and when I shower. Thats like.. 1.5 times daily (most days), i'm almost there :P


Are the actors striking to benefit/assist the writers? I haven't seen anything on this yet. If so, that is absolutely amazing.


Its been years since I've read any Oglaf, forgot they existed... Need to fix that asap.


spin up a linux VM and man-in-the-middle the network, replace all images requested from the internet to be replaced with images of nick cage.

set it on as cron-job to activate/deactivate randomly, only for a few seconds at a time once or twice a week.


Always add jitter


I'm a big fan of Erythritol - a sugar alcohol with a nearly non-existent glycemic index of like 1. It tastes great and doesn't have terrible side effects like Maltitol does.

Monks fruit from lakanto is a great source of Erythritol.


Sucralose does this for me, 99% of "sugar free" stuff has either Sucralose or Aspertame in it, wish more stuff used Erythritol instead.

Should I play Dark Souls original or Remaster?

I already own the original, but back when I got it I was unable to play due to the poor control schemes since I am disabled. Now I own an Xbox Adaptive Controller that I used to play through Elden Ring pretty well. I'd love to go back and play some of the earlier games....


I enjoyed DarkSouls 1 far more than any other entry into the series.. The slow clunky movement felt perfect, the bosses hit different, loved everything about it - even the jank had its charm.

I recommend the original, not the remaster, and grab 2 mods for it - were you on PC? Didn't see mention of a platform...

If on PC, grab DSFIX and DSCM (Dark Souls Connectivity Mod by Wulf), these two mods will make the PC version infinitely better, the Connectivity mod, last I checked, still had 10-30 people running around on it, and multiplayer is so much fun in that game.

Why is Freelancer still the best? (

I was playing some Everspace 2 and while it sure is pretty and feels pretty good there was something lacking that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I’m only 20 hours or so into it but I just felt like it wasn’t quite living up to my memories of Freelancer....


Played X4 on launch and didn't get super into it.. Need to go back and see how they've smoothed things out.

Absolutely LOVED the X3 games, spent so much time in Albion Prelude.

I recommend the X series to anyone that mentions they enjoy space sims, oddly very few have ever heard of it.


It was solid, some bugs, but considering its still an alpha it was decent. They are constantly doing updates too, I haven't played it in months and the entire game is different now.

It has dog fighting, ground combat, space stations/player owned stations. faction combat, etc. Think capital ships were recently added to the roadmap too, which is something I find missing in most modern space sims.

Big fan, and it has lots of potential.


The X games have always been heavy on the economy sim.. But the scope of the games were insane.. I felt X4 was pretty gimped in that respect, that I couldn't take over the economy, build massive fleets, and take out entire sectors with my massive wave of ships.

I haven't checked out X4 since launch though, things may have improved.

Lycist, to adulting

First post, probably going to screw this up, don't see how you make a title?

How do you tame scraggly beard hairs? I keep a relatively short box trim, but get these little scraggly hairs that are of a different length when I trim it, and they go off in all kinds of different directions.

Do I take scissors and clip each one, or is there some kind of treatment I should be applying to tame them?

Normally its not a big deal, but I like to apply variously colored wax on occasion and it becomes REALLY noticeable when I do.


This was a microblog and not a thread!

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