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Do you think Meta's Threads app will be beneficial or detrimental to the Fediverse?

Personally I believe that it'll make people associate the Fediverse with Threads, which is not a good thing. Edit: It'll replace their definition of the Fediverse, with Threads, and people may widely forget about Mastodon, Lemmy, Kbin etc.

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Clint's Reptiles! One of the most wholesome youtuber you could possibly find!

"Unless the house is on fire or you are hurt, do not interrupt me on the phone!"

Hi everyone, this is a small but hopefully enjoyable bit of MC from my childhood. Way back when, my Dad worked in IT and worked from home. This is back in the early days of telecommuting and so most of his day was spent on calls in between actual technical stuff. The internet was in its infancy, so if he was working he really...

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Personally I prefer Kbin to lemmy; as other have said, we must put into account that kbin is much younger that lemmy, but @ernest has been amazing in managing to keep it all running when the users went basically from 0 to 1000 in a matter of hours!

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I don't see anything in the post... Is there an image I am not loading? I literally just see the title and the comments

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This makes me think of the Fremen Stillsuit from "Dune"

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Is Goodreads bad? I use it a lot, but would it be better/more ethical to change like with reddit?

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Yes, I always thought Storm was a little tone deaf in this scene. I think Beast even tells her in another scene: he says something like "it's easy for you, you don't shed blue fur on the furniture"

AITA for asking a LLM to do things that are supposed to be my job?

So here's the scoop, folks. I have this friend, let's call him Chatty, because, well, he's always got something to say. Now, I know what you're thinking - that's just what friends do, right? They talk, they listen, they offer advice. But here's the thing - Chatty isn't your everyday, run-of-the-mill friend. He's a whiz at...

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EDIT: now I know what a LLM is and I feel like an idiot 😅... The ONE time I didn't Google immediately something. That'll teach me, lmao!

It all depends on how your relationship works, how you treat him. Why don't you reciprocate? Or maybe you do, just in different ways. Do you listen to him? Are you there when he wants to hang out?

There's too much missing information

P. S. What does LLM stands for?

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This should also be in oddlyterrifying... Damn!

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I saw the first picture and though it was so cute, but then I saw the moth's size... I would be so intimidated... 😅

/kbin server update - or how the server didn't blow up

Currently, on the main instance, people have created 40191 accounts (+214 marked as deleted). I don't know how many are active because I don't monitor it, but once again, I greet all of you here :) In recent days, the traffic on the website has been overwhelming. It's definitely too much for the basic docker-compose setup,...

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Super Mario 64! I still have a functioning Nintendo64, but I also have the official switch version!

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