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Former Forensic Scientist with the Home Office.
Former active researcher in biosciences.
Former forum moderator on a high profile casual sex site (they no longer have a forum - was it something I did?)
Fundraising manager for a small-medium size charity.
Write articles for the Daily Twerk

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This was a mistake in the bill which he retracted, amended and resubmitted.

The first cousins are safe, legally anyway.

What I don't get is I assume they had a law so why was this needed?

Mum realises that buying twenty cases of high energy drinks was not a good idea

Being a mother of a large family means being constantly on the look out for bargains. One mother spotted a clearance bargain of high energy drinks that were just past the sell by date. She bought twenty cases think that it would last at least six months. Trolls say grunt gurgle kratch garg, but she doesn’t care....

AI generated image of a large family with unnaturally large eyes and grins
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The myth goes deeper.
The story of Lisa Holst originating this myth as a spoof fact is also a myth.

Neither the supposed journalists, Lisa Holst, nor the magazine, PC Professional, exist.

The hunt is on for the earliest reference. Probably on a newsnet group.


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Paula Vennells: didn’t realise she was evil until the ITV drama

Paula Vennells has announced that she will return her CBE after finally realising she is evil. Surprisingly she had not comprehended the carnage her actions had wrought on hundreds of innocent sub-postmasters until ITV made a drama about it. The court cases were just not as convincing.


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This page is not AI generated.

There are no paragraphs that end in the middle of a sentence.

It is satire which might be difficult for some to comprehend.

Any pages that make use of AI have a declaration of the use.

I know because I wrote it.

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Conspiracy theory fans’ guide to UK election candidates

With elections about to sweep the country, the discerning conspiracy theory aficionado has some credible candidate choices. Obviously the mainstream political parties hold no interest for flat earthers, anti-vaxers, climate deniers or Great Reset believers.

We take a look at some who might be worth considering voting for.


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Margot Robbie working on her next career

The celebrated actor announced that she was taking a break from acting for a while. What she did not announce to the media was that she was taking time out to work on another career unrelated to films and acting. It is certainly a surprise move.


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Snowflakes threaten Iowa caucus turn out

The Republican caucus being held today is at risk of being severely impacted by snowflakes. With temperatures of -20C (-4F) and strong winds creating hazardous conditions turn out is expected to be low. Seems snowflakes can be a force to be reckoned with.

Tough on snowflakes and tough on the causes of snowflakes


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Having tools in matching colours is definitely a sign of youth.
As you get older and lose some, lend some (and the a-hole doesn't return them - yes I'm talking about you John Pinder) then you get some replacements that don't match. Eventually after many years you have an eclectic mix.

How are you on collecting random nuts and screws that might just come in handy one day? That is the true art of the cave.


How often to you bail on a half-written post or response?

I have had a tendency since my earliest days on social media where I will get halfway or more through a response, and end up just cancelling it. Sometimes I feel like I’m just being to over the top with snark or otherwise don’t want to be that kind of person, but a lot of the time I’ll decide I just really don’t care...

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I used to do it a lot.
Typically this would be responding to someone being provocative.
I decided that they were angry people just trying to make other people angry.
So now I write articles mocking them.
I am much more relaxed now.

tomw, to random
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Can anyone help me with the problem I'm having with my neighbour?

A while ago my neighbour kicked me. So I've been going round his house every day, unlocking the basement where I keep him and giving him a good kick, in self-defence.

Anyway, recently the bastard kicked me again. The situation has really become intolerable.

I'm currently kicking him to within an inch of his life until his violence stops.

Some friends are starting to say I should stop it. AITA?

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I think the only reasonable solution to the kicking issue is to put your neighbour in ankle cuffs.
No, your not the arsehole.

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If someone is annoying then it doesn't matter.
Everyone wants to think they are special and people remember them with affection. Just because they buy their cigarettes from the same place regularly it doesn't mean they have entered into a social contract with you.

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You are like the annoying person in the cafeteria drowning out me listening to Hungarian folk-punk on speaker.

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The only danger they pose is to themselves and the witless.

Having said that, they can be really boring and monotonous. Their arguments are gormless at best, and don't have the intelligence to know when their vacuous arguments have been shot between the water line.

Will they learn anything. Nope. They are immune to intelligence (see what I did there?).

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Sounds good to me.

We all make choices about the company we keep.

I choose not to hang out in biker bars because for me a motorbike is a form of transport and really not interesting to talk about. I get really bored.
My brother is a bike enthusiast with the tattoos etc and he can go on about bikes....

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Poor Dolly Parton.

She help fund a vaccine and no one is banging on about her vaccine causing you to get a large blonde hairdo (we all know it's a wig), and large breasts.

There is no democracy in the targeting of people who've helped fund development. I think they've missed a trick.

Think I've just had an idea about an article taking the piss out of anti -vaxers.

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Linda has turned Brad. Spill those beans

KarsicKarl, to TheArchers
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Has George completely blown it with his family?

How did he become so toxic?

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What scraping can get is very little public information.

There's a lot of information that servers keep contained such as IP addresses of where you are when you made a post. Other info such as your email address remains contained within your own instance. Meta cannot get at that information. No other Fediverse server can get at that.

This blog from Gargoron (Eugen Rochko) who essentially created ActivityPub that underpin all these Fediverse systems including Mastodon, Calckey, Pixelfed, kbin, Lemmy etc.


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