how’s your week going, Beehaw

somewhat belated because we've been really busy again but! we have a docs page up and running, we have the email situation hopefully sorted out, and stuff is flowing again generally. things are going pretty good right now on the backend for Beehaw, i'd say, and hopefully that continues as the week progresses....


Ochem was nearly the death of me. Hang on, it’ll pass (or maybe you won’t like I did the first time lmao) but you’ll look back soon and it’ll be 3,000,000% irrelevant.


Nice write up, I like how you’ve broken these categories out. I always lament warm weather coming around because it means my heavy hitters have to take a backseat and I haven’t found anything I LOVE yet as far as freshies go. I did buy a bottle of Afternoon Swim though and will wear it. Might even wear it today 😂

That Pasha sounds particularly interesting and I’m going to look it up now. Thanks & welcome to the fragrance magazine!


My love language. What country is this in?

JayFlow, to Fragrance


Happy Friday everyone! What are we wearing today?
For me I think it’ll be a Mancera Instant Crush kind of a day.


Too bad I shut off my premium as I refuse to give that assclown another cent from my pocket or my attention to ads on that site.

popey, to random
@popey@ubuntu.social avatar

We've had Harvey the Eufy robo-vac in our house for nearly three years now. Still just as effective and useful as ever. Highly recommended. https://popey.com/blog/2021/01/eufy-robovac-30c-review/




I just won an S7 Max Ultra from Roborock! Very excited, should arrive this weekend.

Reddit Threatens to Remove Moderators From Subreddits Continuing Apollo-Related Blackouts (www.macrumors.com)

As some subreddits continue blackouts to protest Reddit's plans to charge high prices for its API, Reddit has informed the moderators of those subreddits that it has plans to replace resistant moderation teams to keep spaces "open and accessible to users."


Congrats! I just had my first five months ago, a daughter.
People will say all stupid shit to you “your life is over”, “you’ll never sleep again”, “payback for all the things you’ve done” etc. I say fuck the negativity. The job isn’t hard, it’s just a large volume of work but the pay is immense and this is the greatest thing I’ve ever done. Enjoy, dad!

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