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The Hawk's law states that you cannot attack a human. The law states nothing about attacking a snake attached to a human. This hawk has clearly found a loophole.

EP 136: Team Xecuter (darknetdiaries.com)

Team Xecuter was a group involved with making and selling modchips for video game systems. They often made mods that allowed the video game system to rip games or play pirated games. It was a crowd favorite in the modding scene. Until it all fell apart. The story of what happened to Team Xecuter must be heard to believe.

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What a weird concept to have to designate that it is "blackmarket" ... not complaining, its just still setting in.

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I don't know if Lemmy will search the entire fediverse, like kbin does. Be sure to check kbin instances as well as Lemmy. I have found some communities that migrated only to kbin.

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