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I've been called "a giant faggot" but I'm medium at most. ♥️

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The death penalty is always wrong.
Murder is not a punishment and once you've stripped her of her ill-got gains there is no longer any reason to kill her.

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Are we worrying about the fully functional adults that still need to be told not to drink Draino?

Don't people attack crime scene re-enactors?

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“It’s not discriminating against his lifestyle — that’s his choice,” Potteiger said in the meeting. “But it’s him speaking about it.”

We can't stop you from doing it, but you'd better be ashamed of it.

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this POS deserves to be locked up in a southern state prison.

No one deserves to be locked in prison.

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Thinking on it some of the Star Wars films might tie, but I really think it all comes down to if Enter The Dragon got that CBHD release. 🤔

Still seems it might be a tie as I have found evidence the first 3 Star Wars films were released on Video2000, but I have not found any evidence they were released on UMD.

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found evidence the first 3 Star Wars films were released on Video2000

Anyone know if Enter The Dragon also got a VCC release? I was able to find Exit The Dragon, ENTER THE TIGER on Video2000/VCC, but as you all know that is an entirely different Bruceploitation flick staring Bruce Li.

It existing on VCC does imply Enter The Dragon may well have been released on the format as well, and we could close the book on StarWars.

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They are called The Church of Satan.

Church of Satan are cops.

You're thinking of The Satanic Temple.

People are saying it is a good idea to let a 15 year old visit her mom In jail at the facility? Do you agree

The charge is a check fraud charge and it is a six month sentence. My daughter she seems to be handling it fine. I told her right away about it and she reacted pretty calmly. I told her mom did the wrong thing and is rightfully serving her punishment. They have a good relationship. I assumed my daughter would have no interest in...

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Are you just going to keep posting this until people give you outside justification to keep your daughter from seeing her mother?

Let your daughter see her mother and do some self-reflection on why you have a problem with it.

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Yes. Let your daughter see her mom.

Stop trying to tell a teenager what to be "intimidated" by.

Is there a more politically and ideologically diverse alternative for Lemmy?

I know the real answer is reddit but I really don’t want to go back now that I’ve already grown used to life without it. I was hoping for Lemmy to be a viable substitute but it isn’t. I can see how this place is wonderful for the certain type of person but that person is not me. My experience during the past 6+ months has...

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I just don’t know where else to go.

To hell.

This place has anarchists to state Communists to neo-conservatives to Liberals. Just what "diversity" do you feel is "missing", fascist?

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Demonstrate deez nutz. I've seen the OP's post history, and they can go to hell.

As suspected anyone who moans about "ideological diversity" always wants right-wing bigotry to be accepted and not called out as the hateful tripe it is.

This place is plenty diverse already, it just hates fascists.

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I have to admit I refuse to own anything past the first one.

Well if YOU wanted the view the highest resolution available on a format which never acknowledged the sequels, you are limited to the USA NTSC release of the film on LaserDisc (Hong Kong release was pan & scan).

The color timing of that release is different from later pressings however, closer to the theatrical release fewer scenes have a green tint. You may view that as an improvement.

There are two main reasons I think people "don't like the sequels".

The first—of which I do not accuse you—is transphobia. I don't feel like reliving the trauma of looking up the details or the timeline, but as I recall before the trilogy was finished (but after contracts were signed) one of the sisters (I want to say ...Lana) was outed by Buck Angel because he was mad his wife was cheating on him with one of The Wachowski Sisters (Lana?) People were mad this thing they like was created by at least 1 (they knew at the time) trans woman and even if they weren't pushing outright hate they weren't pushing as hard how awesome the films were anymore. I suspect similar would have happened with Fight Club if Chuck Palahniuk had been as openly gay as he is now back in 1999.

The second—in my view much larger—reason people "don't like The Matrix sequels" is The Matrix at its base was a story which said, "What you think is, isn't." Anyone who feels disaffected or alienated can identify with the story.
The 2nd and 3rd movies, rather than being statements of what "isn't" were statements of "what is".
There is just a much larger group dissatisfied with a status quo than can be satisfied with any proffered replacement.
If the first film said, "Hey, are you hungry?" a bunch of people are going to feel and agree with that. If the sequels then said, "Alright, here's some Hulbata." Much fewer people are going to want that than originally agreed they were hungry, be it because they don't eat animals, don't like spicy foods, or want a spoon.
The people who want what the 2nd and 3rd films were offering are not going to notice any drop in quality from the first film, but the people who were hungry and salivating at the first film but don't like lamb, are now hangry.

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If you wanted to understand The Matrix, you are going to have to watch all 3 films.
You will also need to see The Matrix: Revisited, The Matrix Reloaded: Revisited, & The Matrix Revolutions: Revisited.
You will of course have to watch all 9 shorts from The Animatrix.
You will need to read through The Zion Archives and watch The Burly Man Chronicles.

You're going to have to get your hands on The Matrix Revolutions bonus CD-Rom.

You are going to have to play through Enter The Matrix, The Path Of Neo, and to have played The Matrix Online (servers for which shut down in 2009).

You Will need to see The Art of The Matrix and read The Shooting Script, as well as Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of The Matrix Comics.

You'll need to trawl through contemporary WhatIsTheMatrix as well as TheMatrix-Movie sites, and to have participated in contemporary Matrix Forums.

You'll need to read Simulacres et Simulation in the original French, as well as Meditationes de Prima Philosophia by Renatus Descartes (that one it is ok to read in english, however)
You'll also need to read Out of Control : The Rise of Neo-Biological Civilization.

You should also read up on Sophia Stweart's lawsuit against The Wachowski Sisters, Warner Brothers, James Cameron, and 20th Century Fox.

You do not, in order to understand The Matrix, need to listen to the commentary track featuring Dr. Cornel West & Ken Wilber. instead, just watch the films regular and set up a loop pedal to repeat every 17-38 seconds "...in a Manichaean sense." You'll get the same effect.

I do however recommend listening to the LaserDisc commentary for the 1996 film Bound.

Finally, to truly "understand" the films, you're going to have to take some dissociatives or hallucinogens (or even better both) and sip on a milkshake containing either reduced down pregnant horse pee or ground up goat testicles—whichever one works for you. I would not do both but I ain't here to tell you what to do, @livus.

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I’ve had my blu ray box set for years before the 4th film was ever made

A shame Warner Bros. and Lana had to go and ruin the release post-facto. 😕

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“Lana and whats-her-face.”

Lilly. She's the one who didn't make anti-Black comments about Prop 8 in 2015. Lilly is also the one without culturally appropriative hair.

Some of that’s 00s CGI

I didn't dig how computer-heavy the later films were either. Listen to the commentaries and extras where they talk about "digital inter-shot frames" and I turn Hank Rutherford: "They think that's a selling point?

blended with too-clever writing and trite allegory.

I'm not sure if it's "too clever" or "trite" because I don't understand the films enough to tell. They certainly made a piece which required a great deal of extra-cinematic media viewing in order to "get" which I totally understand why people complain about.

That's asking alot of your audience.

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If the first movie had you thinking about, I dunno, Baudrillard

And then the fourth* had Niel Patrick cosplaying as Blanchard.

*which I still refuse to acknowledge

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Then it probably doesn’t pertain to those

And yet it uses a word that includes them in the definition, as well as faiths older than יְהוָה.

It’s trivial.

I don't think conflation of all faiths with specific established oppressive ones is all that trivial, myself.

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Sometimes disparaging + offensive.

And since you have yet to explain how it can not be your claim that it is is unsubstantiated.

I am working under the assumption no one here—who purportedly all agree to "be excellent to each other"—is being intentionally despairing to their fellow human beings hense my continued confusion as to what "illegal" used (seemingly erroneously) as a noun means.

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What claim is unsubstantiated?

That there can be a non-derogatory utilization of the adjective illegal to refer to a person with as though the word were a countable noun.

All that has been done is to post a dictionary entry which agrees that when it is used as a noun it is a slur—behavior I would not expect from one who has endeavored excellence toward their fellows.

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You have yet to describe the times it is not.

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Are you describing ableism as an argument against the existence of privileged classes??

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lessen the impact of its existence

You mean like not assigning people to classes we know can be incorrect they then would have to change?

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what. is. your. alternative.

Not shoving people into boxes we know aren't accurate based on a 2 second glance at baby genitals.

Why is that even a thing you want to do?

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I notice first off you're conveniently ignoring how I have been referring to sex designations for the past several posts and instead exclusively focusing on my earlier statement about names.

Makes me doubt your faith, that.

I will broaden and ask why you think any imposition of a gender on a person who has not yet informed you what it is is laudable or appropriate, be that marker on a certificate or a gendered name?

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