Train derailment, bridge collapse in Montana causes chemical leak into Yellowstone River (

A train derailed in Stillwater County, Montana, just east of Big Timber, according to the Stillwater County Department of Emergency Services. The derailment occurred at about about 6 a.m., when the railway bridge spanning the Yellowstone River collapsed, officials stated in a Facebook post on Saturday morning. “The bridge...


Earth, because I live here. Runner up is Venus, though. I think it’s a more viable (but still incredibly hard) solution for permanent colonization as it has similar gravity and size to Earth and a more substantial atmosphere. Like Mars, it would need incredibly massive reworking to create permanent settlements, but I think that will be somewhat “easier” to do on a planet with similar gravity.

Offbeat Oregon history - When budget problems and failed levys led to some school districts closing for months at a time in the 1980s (

Normally busy classrooms and playgrounds in the Sandy Elementary School District are locked and empty these days, shut since Nov. 7, when the town's middle school and three grade schools were closed for lack of money.


Nice to see that the tribes were heavily involved in the name changes.

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