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A case for preemptively defederating with Threads

With Meta beginning to test federation, there's a lot of discussion as to whether we should preemptively defederate with Threads. I made a post about the question, and it seems that opinions differ a lot among people on Kbin. There were a lot of arguments for and against regarding ads, privacy, and content quality, but I don't...

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Very well said and you have captured many of my exact fears.

Personally, if the decentralized fediverse was more developed and mature, I would not be as concerned about federating with Threads. But, Meta is entering at a time when everything is really just starting to develop.

They’ll be the big instance and they’ll have a lot of influence over the others as a result.

Just to give an example, What would happen if decided to cut off kbin? Kbin would lose a ton of content and access to most of the large communities. Threads, thanks to Meta’s resources and huge Instagram user base, will likely gain more active users and communities than lemmy in no time and they could do the same. The difference is I believe Meta may be more likely to down the line because an open fediverse doesn’t fit super nicely into their business model.

I understand many people disagree and that is fine; nobody knows the future. If we decide to federate with Threads then so be it, and if it turns out I am totally wrong then I will eat my words. All I am trying to articulate is that I think there is reason to be skeptical of Meta.

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[…] “Nikki Haley was willing to speak the truth about Trump: about the chaos that always follows him, about his inability to see right from wrong, about his cowering before Vladimir Putin.”

“Donald Trump made it clear he doesn’t want Nikki Haley’s supporters. I want to be clear: There is a place for them in my campaign,” Biden added.

The president acknowledged significant policy disagreements between his campaign and those who supported Haley, but he pointed to “fundamental issues” like support for NATO and preserving democracy where the two sides could find common ground.

“We all know this is no ordinary election. And the stakes for America couldn’t be higher,” […]

Emphasis is mine.

Her supporters are definitely to the right of Biden on numerous issues (and definitely to the right of this magazine).

But, I think Biden is correct in that his campaign should do what it can to pull them in, because Trump winning a second term will likely result in the end of NATO, a serious reduction in women’s and reproductive rights, increased danger for immigrants and minorities, the total destruction of Palestine, dooming any hope of curtailing the effects of climate change, and the complete overhaul of the US Federal Government to match the Republicans’ Project 2025 vision for the USA.

This is just a short list of all the terrible things that could happen if Trump wins another term. In short, it would just be bad.

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Nothing to see here, folks.

Just one fascist Putin-puppet meeting with another fascist Putin-puppet for a nice discussion about fascism and what their boss wants.

In all seriousness though, it doesn’t get anymore blatant than this. Orbán has consistently acted in Putin’s interests, and now he is meeting with Trump.


Reddit revenue rises 20% ahead of IPO, but it isn’t profitable yet (

REDDIT posted a more than 20 per cent rise in revenue in 2023 versus the year before, sources familiar with the situation said, as it prepares for one of the United States’ most anticipated potential initial public offerings (IPOs).

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