If you’re into chess, you should try ImmortalGames. Blockchain based chess with collectible Nft pieces that pay in crypto. Tournament winners get paid in Eth and tradable chess piece nfts. Pieces pay extra for completing challenges (pawn stays alive; knight claims first capture;etc..). But really added a new outlook on how to change your game play for fun and crypto.


It’s another old meme. Not nazi attempt.

Recommendations for open world games with focus on interaction instead of exploration or survival

I would like recommendations for open world games where the player has abundant ways to interact with the world, be it with the NPCs or buildings, and does not have to worry about survival aspects of the character or spending time exploring a static world. I would not mind if it comes at the cost of a smaller sized world, as...


@BrikoX I found an app called Sign up bank and control all payments with as many cards as you like. Signed up for free Hulu trial with dedicated card and set amount to zero. I Couldn’t cancel but they couldn’t claim, all 5 times they tried!




It’s also available as testnet on ios. Got from App Store on iPhone.


Old School RuneScape! An addiction is hard to break..

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