As far as the mouse goes, the game has negative mouse acceleration forced on with no option to turn it off. How a game company can make a pc shooter and leave negative mouse accel on is beyond me. But there is a mod you can download somewhere on nexus that fixes this issue. There is a separate issue that causes your frames per sec to affect your mouse aim and changing graphics settings can wildly affect your sensitivity. Idk if mods can fix that part. I ended up refunding the game after about 2 hours of play because of all that plus getting soft locked and having to restart in the first 10 min

However if youre interested in playing on controller i have heard it works very good. I just can stand playing shooters on controller

Just started Strattera. I feel superhuman, but have some questions about the side effects.

I’m only on day 2, but I feel so able to concentrate, it’s ridiculous. I know it’s expected to take weeks to start working, but I’m feeling it already. I spent the morning reading wikipedia, catching up with work, and doing laundry that I hadn’t done for weeks. Now, I’m gonna go out to eat at a restaurant with a...


I took strattera for a very short time many years ago when i was still in elementary school. I remember that it worked well but i was also not good about remembering to take meds every day. I stopped taking it after the first time i missed a dose. I only took it for a few days but the first time i missed a dose it felt like i had super ADD. Like i couldnt even concentrate on the things that i wanted to do let alone my school work. I switched to adderal after which worked much better for me.

Turbo Kid (2015) (

There’s not really much to say about this one. If it’s not considered a cult classic yet, it will be. So much heart. So much cheese. So much fun. It’s a callback to the '80s/'90s, and “Mad Max on a BMX” just doesn’t do it enough justice. Personally, I really love this movie....


I absolutely love this movie. And the sound track was so good i had to go download it


the entire OST for Nier: Automata is amazing. i still need to play through Nier: Replicant and i think im looking forward to the music more than the game itself.

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