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Your typical Canadian social democrat living in the capital. Software architect. Dog lover. Rank amateur photographer. Rusty artist. Nintendo nut. He/Him.
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dyckron, to random
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NDP’s Singh questions provinces mulling pharmacare opt-out

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@dyckron "According to Alberta Health Minister Adriana Lagrange, most people in that province have contraceptive access through government or employer insurance plans."

Ummm, right... and that's exactly what Pharmacare is trying to do away with. Did she not get the memo? The emphasis here is on "most" rather than "all," of course.

deborahh, to random
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Elon's messing with US/China politics/military.
🤔 I wonder why?


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@deborahh After what happened to Ukraine with StarLink, if I were in charge of defense for a non-Russian-aligned country, I would not trust anything with Musk's fingerprints on it.

kouett, to random
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boost to scare a rust developer

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@kouett <laughs in C>

rebeccawatson, to random
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I knew this wretched day would come: a perfect sunny day and I can’t go for a bike ride because the shifter battery that costs an extra $1k is dead

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@rebeccawatson Shifters have batteries now? Oh look, another example of a problem that didn't exist being solved by something that creates more problems. Somebody's proud of themselves for disrupting the derailleur industry.

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@gradyp @rebeccawatson Not quite, but in the direction.

Does the manufacturer promote it as a lifestyle choice and welcome you to your journey?
Can you only shift gears using an app your phone?
Do you have to click 'yes' on a privacy waiver before each ride?
Does it require a paid subscription and not allow the most useful gears without a premium plan?
Does your choice of gear determine a demographic for directed marketing?
Is it now being advertised as having AI capability?

There's room here.

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@gradyp @rebeccawatson I was going for humour as well, of course. But also, for me, electronic shifting is a new concept. My bike is a 25 year-old Specialized hybrid that I've kept maintained and still works like a charm. While the idea of wanting a motor to shift gears strikes me as weird, I'm not about to argue with Rebecca over her personal experience with it ;)

raymondpert, to Russia
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Canada -Trudeau: 'Weakling' Putin executed Navalny

> Justin Trudeau wrapped up a surprise trip to war-torn Ukraine with a blistering attack on Vladimir Putin, calling the Russian leader a “weakling” who uses police and the military to crush his opposition. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/prime-minister-justin-trudeau-says-weakling-putin-executed-navalny-to-crush-dissent-1.6781923

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@raymondpert "This money allows roads to be repaired after a bombing. It pays nurses and doctors who keep people healthy, and it supports Ukrainians as they fight back against Russia."

Queue PP misdirecting people away from provincial undermining of Medicare by claiming "Trudeau is sending your healthcare money overseas!" in 3... 2...

human3500, to random
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I wish people had told me that you should never order from Wayfair.

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@human3500 I would never use Wayfair. For one thing, I want to make sure all my money goes to Jeff so he can continue sending rich people up in his rockets. I see it as an important public service, along side sub tours of the Titanic.

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@human3500 Being serious now, there are certain places that trigger "fight or flight" in me. Walmart was the OG. Lowes, probably because their colour theme gives me Walmart vibes? And Costco. These places instantly turn me into an asshole I don't like being.

zazzoo, to random
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Bakker told CBC News last week that council has chosen sides on what she's calling a "contentious issue."

...and why is this issue "contentious" Stephanie? Perhaps because you and your neighbours are biggots who get triggered looking at pretty lines on the road?


#CdnPoli #LGBTQ2S

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@Grant_M I guess every province gets its own bigot capital. In Ontario, the town of Norwich banned all non-governmental flags - again in the name of 'neutrality' last year.

They were recently shamed into backtracking, this time citing 'tensions'


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@Grant_M And so is using their own absurd laws against them. I was reading earlier of people in Alabama talking about suing for child support for unborn embryos. In Florida people are demanding books like the bible and others beloved by the right get banned from schools and libraries.

Westlock residents should be on the lookout for other 'contentious' issues to complain about - maybe start with those MAGA hats @72mz mentioned earlier.

zazzoo, to Ukraine
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Call to action! Tomorrow is a GLOBAL day of rallying in support of Ukraine, in recognition of the second anniversary of Russia's war of conquest.

Here in Ottawa, it'll be on Parliament Hill and starts at 3pm. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress is the organizer of the event across Canada - check here for information about your city:


Outside of Canada, the UWC has a map to help you track down events in your area.


#Ukraine #SlavaUkraini #CdnPoli

ottaross, to random
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No Bill, no! Don't read your success speech!? Who told Bill to read the success speech?


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@ottaross Not gonna lie, I find him creepy AF.

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@ottaross Hahaha, that's what I was thinking of also - like watching 100 Huntley Street.

zazzoo, to random
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When new tech comes along often follows the same pattern: HYPE -> FAD -> RATIONALIZATION -> INTEGRATION (or death).

First the hype springs from marketing departments and, boosted by tech media craving that next wowza headline, that triggers both excitement and horror in those listening.

The rhetoric is based on that vague, weasley language designed to over-promise while avoiding any provable lie.

The whole point is to fuel stock prices and secure capital from gullible people with money.


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The fad phase is when corporate executives who don't understand the technology suddenly turn it into an imperative to 'embrace!' and 'we need to stay ahead of this!'

Jaded engineers, keen on keeping their jobs, roll their eyes and begin the often futile process of shoehorning the new wonder into everything. Who cares if it makes no sense? It's what the suit wanted.

Need a toothbrush with Bluetooth that comes with an app on your phone and a monthly subscription fee? Anybody? Hello?


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Realization is the part when people who have bought in go through a process of reconciling the over-promise of the hype with their lived experience with the technology.

Teslas can't drive themselves?!

NFTs are actually worthless?!

This is nothing new. To the contrary, how about: You can't cook a full delicious meal for a family of four in 10 minutes using only a microwave oven?!


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Finally, we arrive at the post hype integration (or death) phase where the new technology simmers down into the background, having found its proper place (or death) in our lives and people pretty much just stop actively thinking about it anymore.

When was the last time you looked at your microwave with awe and wonder? It's the thing you blearily put your cup into to rewarm your tea. Same for your mobile phone - well, minus the tea part.

It's just a thing you use. It's there.


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I'm writing this because LLMs are firmly in their fad phase. It's being jammed into everything and it's annoying. This phase always is.

Some of the these applications are downright insulting or even criminal, like using it as a stand-in for human creativity. And guess what? AI truly sucks at this. AI has no imagination, no creativity. Without humans, it's limited by the laws of entropy, producing less knowledge over time as it feeds on it own excrement.


kaosailor, to usa
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Tell me #racism is not implicit and well stablished by nature in #capitalism without saying it. This is shameful and ridiculous, as calling Mexico part of "South America". Ugh! #BlackLivesMatter

#racist #usa #capitalist #anarchy #society

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ottaross, to random
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#Proposal to rename the common wrist-rest to be "wrist-and-forehead rest" to remove any stigma associated with using it thusly.

#desktop #worklife

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@ottaross Having one of those days, Ross?

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@ottaross Damn, I've always hated wrist rests. I tend to pound away at the keys with my wrists resting on the table - not good, I know, but I make even more typos if my hand position isn't just so.

Still, you make a compelling case for them.

ned, (edited ) to random
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I'm curious how people score on the FM 100 Hue Test? I score a perfect 0, but I don't know how much of the norm that is: https://www.color-blind-test.com/images/huetest/Farnsworth100.html

(This is the limited online version, there is a full test available with the proper software.)

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@ned FYI I thought this was pretty neat and was curious about how an actual colour blind person would see it. Happens I have an IRL friend who has red/green blindness. They scored 14, which isn't even close the worst you could do. They did report that they found the puzzle "pretty much entirely impossible" to complete however.

gemelliz, to Canada
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Pay attention 🇨🇦​

‘They’re frightened of diversity’ says Rob Reiner on the threat of Christian-nationalism. Reiner's new documentary traces the rise of the white evangelical political movement and what would make god-fearing bible huggers reject democracy and embrace a con artist like Donald Trump.

#poilievre #conservatives #canada

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@gemelliz Harper is one of those intelligent far-right freaks we were told to always keep an eye out for. The Trumps and Poilievres are just distractions when looking at their larger movement.

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