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IT professional, SysAdmin, BBQ enthusiast, California native, Texas transplant, proud wonk, urepentant crank.

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Daojoan, to random
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How to Quit Capitalism:

We have to quit the competitive, individualist, consumption-driven mindset at capitalism’s core. No economic reform will create lasting, positive change until we start seeing each other as cooperative partners working toward shared prosperity.


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@Daojoan I'm a capitalist. I already see the rest of society as cooperative partners working towards shared prosperity. I see the competition of open markets as akin to sportspeople striving to be the best. Each of us wants the other to put forth their best effort and in the striving we make everything better. I don't see myself as working to make everyone else poor, I'm working so that even the poorest among us is rich in comparison to the other isms.

hacks4pancakes, to random
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I know I’ve said this before, but as someone who goes into industrial process environments a lot, the lack in of decent ppe, especially FR gear, that properly and safely fits feminine bodies is a frigging travesty. It’s one of those things that actually leads to a culture of poor safety, because nobody really talks about it - guys typically don’t think about people wearing a bra or hairpins and how they could melt to a person in an industrial accident, and women feel like they have to shut up and be one of the guys. And almost everything that fits better requires a lengthy online order from backstock.

Anyway if you are planning on working in that space and aren’t a men’s size M-XXL like nearly all the gear, I’m always available to talk.

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@hacks4pancakes do you recommend any good sources for better fitting gear? I work in heavy industry and have many female co-workers. I'm sure our safety people would be interested.

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@hacks4pancakes I'll ask some of the ladies here if they have any good info and get back to you. What items are the biggest issue? PPE we use are things like hard-hats, boots, gloves, high-vis, eye and ear protection.

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@hacks4pancakes I have say, the irony of your name, in relation to your specific issue made me chuckle. When I first glanced at your toot, I thought it was some kind of marketing gimmick from Carhartt.

gamingonlinux, to random
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People and SEO Spam like this are ruining the internet. Fuck this shite.


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@gamingonlinux some men just want to watch the world burn.

Mastodon, to mastodon
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Strangers offering unsolicited advice or derailing conversations should be familiar to all who use social media. In our new for Android update, we’re testing a new feature aimed to curb these behaviours:


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@pmroman yeah, no, apparently you're only supposed to interact with people you agree with. Yay echo chambers!

SirTapTap, to Nvidia
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Shoutouts to #nvidia for requiring me to make a login to update my extremely expensive GPU, then apparently almost immediately losing it's entire plaintext password database to hackers

great shit all around no notes

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@SirTapTap but it's OK because you used a unique passphrase so this breach won't compromise any of your other accounts right?

spacerog, to random
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Just finished watching all 7 seasons of #thewestwing and I am convinced it is the best episodic television ever created. Now I don’t know what to watch. What’s next? #westwing

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@spacerog Better Off Ted

ai6yr, to hamradio
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Amateur radio operators providing post-Hurricane communications in Mexico.

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@ai6yr if you're in the US, a GMRS license is relatively cheap and super easy to get. It would be awesome if we could get local governments to put up some repeaters.

evacide, to random
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Some of you don't come from a family where "Is the political situation bad enough for us to flee the country?" is a regular topic of dinner conversation and it shows.

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@evacide I don't even know where to go anymore. New Zealand was the plan but...

aral, to Israel
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According to Israel:

The UN Secretary General is “supporting terrorism” and should resign.


Amnesty International is “antisemitic.”


The president of Ireland is “misinformed” and “legally wrong.”


Y’know, maybe if you think everyone is in the wrong but you, it’s time to consider what the chances of that are versus the chances that you’re the one in the wrong.

#israel #palestine #gaza #genocide #colonialism #un #amnesty

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@aral if a man calls you a horse, you punch him in the nose. If another man calls you a horse...well you punch him in the nose too. But if a third man calls you a horse, it's time to go saddle shopping.

golgaloth, to Artist
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When I feel like I'm wasting my time.

#Artist #Writer #Writing #art #capitalism

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@golgaloth - I don't need to contribute, somebody else will do it for me.

  • I deserve the output of other people's work, because I exist and I want it.

-My happiness is more important than everyone else.

-I don't owe society anything, because it's not perfect.

RickiTarr, to random
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What is your first experience with the Internet? How old were you? What did you look at?

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@RickiTarr I liked games from a company called Apogee. I went to a video game convention and got the phone number of a BBS that I think was run by them. I would dial in and read about their games. This was like 1991. Later that year or the next my mom got access to dialup internet because she was a teacher. I can't remember the first thing I looked up. It was probably PC game related. Probably an explanation of how to set IRQ and DMA for a SoundBlaster 16.

futurebird, to random
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Bumblebees learn by observing other bees. Bumblebees, like ants, may even teach each other. In a University of London experiment a bee watched a "fake bee" (a fuzzy yellow & black orb on a stick) pushing a yellow ball into a circle for a sugar water reward. The bee copied this action.

When a nest mate was introduced, they learned by watching the bee trained in the previous experiment. I find the idea of a "fake bee" adorable.

The bee watches the fake bee push the mini football into the circle.
Two bees shown from above with various balls.

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@futurebird can we train them to hunt mosquitoes?

nixCraft, to sysadmin
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@nixCraft why pay for hardware, maintenance, electrcity, and cooling, when you could just go to the cloud and pay someone else for all that + their profit?

jerry, to random
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I would like to take a moment to orient people to a brand new and highly innovative feature that was recently introduced in mastodon and many other fedi-apps. This feature enables you to not have to see posts from or interact with people whose posts you don’t like, don’t agree with, or are otherwise offended by.

I like to call it the “block button”.

Does someone on the fedi support the “other side” in the Israel/Hamas conflict? Instead of asking your moderators to figure out which side is objectively right in a no win situation, BLOCK! It’s amazing!

Did someone just say that they are frustrated that they got Covid after having gotten all the vaccines? That’s not disinformation, it’s an opinion and you can block them!

Does someone seem a little too happy that one of Biden’s staff got in trouble or that a democrat is getting charged? BLOCK! It’s amazing!

Did someone use the word Nazi in a way that offends you? Yep, you guessed it! BLOCK!

I have no idea what the median age of people on the fediverse are, but it’s disappointing that moderators are effectively having to act as camp counselors for 13 year olds who are having a disagreement. Yes, the substance of these disagreements tend to be much more consequential, but the pettiness is about the same or perhaps worse.

If someone is harassing you or otherwise violating your instances rules, please do report them, but try to apply some perspective.

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@jerry or...you could just come to terms with the reality that not every person in the world will agree with you and that seeing those sentiments that don't conform to your world view is probably healthy?

Teri_Kanefield, to random


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  • your_huckleberry,
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    @Teri_Kanefield Biden has been in politics longer than I've been alive. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972, after serving on the New Castle County Council. That's quite the jump. Say what you want about the man, but he's obviously not dumb.

    hynek, to random
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    It is absolutely infuriating how much better https://kagi.com is than Google or Bing/DDG.

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    $5/month for 300 searches. $10/month for unlimited. And $25/month for "Ultimate".

    weirdwriter, to email


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  • your_huckleberry,
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    @weirdwriter in the early days of the internet, the free services won out over the paid. Probably because we were mostly kids and we didn't have money. The big tech that was born, came into being with a debt that would eventually come due. This is the piper come to collect.

    danirabbit, to random
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    When people say shit like “But if we had UBI people would just sit at home and smoke weed all day!”, like. Okay? Dope. What the fuck do you do at work that is really creating more value than smoking weed at home all day. You make the lights on the box at your desk turn on and off for a living, what’s the difference? Having a barbecue creates more real value than your entire job ever has

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    @danirabbit when people say shit like, "it'll be fine, lots of people will want to work to provide me the weed and a home to smoke it in." I'm like dope, no we fucking won't.

    Strandjunker, to random
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    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a thousand times: If the punishment for breaking a law is a fine, then that law only exists for the poor.

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    @Strandjunker instructions unclear, parking violations now punishable by hard jail time.

    stux, to random
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    Means it can go both ways

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    @stux a few years ago, some major website forgot to renew its SSL cert. I opened the site, not knowing about the SSL cert, and got the, "Your connection is not private" warning. Instead of annoyance, I felt a rush of dopamine. I realized that, after years and years in IT, I have conditioned myself to feel rewarded when I see that screen. It's usually what I get when I've fixed some network thing.

    dancinyogi, (edited ) to random
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    If you had your choice of never feeling one of the following emotions ever again, which would you choose?


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    @dancinyogi None of the above.

    I don't want to trip through the world, unaware of the consequences of my actions, I need guilt.

    I don't want to turn a blind eye to injustice, I need anger.

    I don't want to watch my brothers and sisters suffer and feel nothing for them, I need sadness.

    The servers need updating, I need anxiety.

    malwaretech, to random
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  • your_huckleberry,
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    @malwaretech When we talk about places with freedom of speech issues, we're talking about truely repressive regimes like Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Florida.

    ryanhoulihan, to random
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  • your_huckleberry,
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    @ryanhoulihan the first time I legit did not hear you. I'm at the stove and the vent fan totally drowned you out. The second time I was trying to focus on the thing, which you cpuld clearly see I was engrossed in. The third time...yeah I'll give you that one. By the 4th time you were already mad and there was nothing I could do beyond that point.

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