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Geek of Linux, databases, machine learning; nemophilist; occasionally political and progressive; Christian; 📷 #landscape 🏔, #nature and #astrophotography 🔭 Perthshire 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 https://shiny.photo/

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xylophilist, to Dragonlance
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Ya beauty! Three clear overhead flash+BOOOOM thundercracks and counting.
And the rain is most definitely on.

Not to mention, I was just back from walking 🐕‍🦺when it all started. Fortunate timing.

Gotta love a decent thunderstom. ⛈️⛈️⛈️

#thunderstorm #lightning #map #scotland #perthshire #delight #BiggerBadderBOOM


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@felicitymartin Yup. Ominous uniform dark grey clouds.

I suspect it might have mostly passed here - up to 14s =~ 3mi now.

Big happiness ⚡️ :)

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@felicitymartin Can believe it. If you're where I suspect you are, it might well be on its way :)

xylophilist, to Scotland
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Aurora 20240510/11 - How it started

No sooner had dusk turned to something like night than the auroral arc went overhead, brilliant rays of purple, green and blue.

Lovely pink rays of aurora
Aurora corona with blue, purple, green and red rays and curtains

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20240510/11 Aurora: Corona

I usually find this kind of view of the aurora a bit spooky - like staring down the Predator's gaping maw.
So, seeing as last night was the first time I ever saw the corona myself, I had to replicate the effect. :)

#aurora #auroraBorialis #perthshire #scotland #corona #night #nightsky

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20240510/11 Aurora: Cosmic Kiss

Purple and green. Two more views of the corona. Feeling a little fanciful, I think the purple blob looks like a huge pair of lips...

Brash: vibrant blue, purple and green rays near the auroral corona

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20240510/11: The Best Aurora

It doesn't always come loud and brash in contrasty green on black. Sometimes it comes quietly, softly, gently.

My two favourite photos from last night's display. Just light and colour and awe and wonder.

Prints, cards etc: https://shiny.photo/gallery/aurora

Atmospheric goings-on: conventional clouds silhouetted against beautiful purple, blue and green aurora rays from near the corona

xylophilist, to Perth
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Friarton Bridge by Night

A well-known scene: long-exposure light trails, red from the brake lights and white from oncoming headlights, of traffic travelling over Friarton Bridge, taken from the bridge over the M90 at Rhynd on the outskirts of Perth.

Available as prints, cards, masks and more via the website: https://shiny.photo/photo/Friarton-Bridge-by-Night-b5335b3f9237b98ed0a94dd783410cc0

xylophilist, to Scotland
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Craignavar Deserted Township, Glen Almond

Comprising the stone ruins of at least 22 rectangular buildings and a corn-drying kiln with associated stone-walled enclosures and fields, Craignavar was deserted in around 1820. It's unknown whether it was part of the forced Highland Clearances or just a voluntary departure due to economic reasons.

Prints, cards etc via the website: https://shiny.photo/photo/Craignavar-Deserted-Township--Glen-Almond-fe9cbc8eec03195d00819070de1f9cd6

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^- h/t @kristiedegaris for mentioning this place a year or so ago => research => go revisit :)

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@kristiedegaris Oh, you're welcome, of course :) . Your passing mention stuck in the braincell.

Have you seen the alt-text on the thing? It's shot on the droneybird, but I generated a 3D model and re-lit it and stuff. No mere dodge+burning when you can move realistic lights about in Blender. So it's the best of all worlds. Scientific geospatial data in. Two ways out - could make an orthoTIFF image to overlay in Google Earth, or model and relight it to enhance the structure and make art. :)

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@kristiedegaris About an hour flying time - on a thoroughly dull overcast day so no shadows to confuse matters. A few minutes converting all the RAW files off the drone. A few hours running WebODM to do all the geospatial stuff. That's all background jobs. The harder bit was manipulating lighting angles in Blender. And then some generic tweaks in LuminarAI for the final tone.

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@kristiedegaris Yup :) That was very much my goal, to maximize what structure could be seen in a wall-sized print. Very high-resolution source data, contrasty lighting. Glad it works :)

I also like the edginess of "is it really even a photo?" and all that kind of philosophical shenanigins.

same data as 3d model (meshlab)

xylophilist, to linux
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Well that was a messy attempt to dist-upgrade Ubuntu from focal to noble. Many packages held back thanks to breakages in snapd and suchlike gratuitous unnecessary shite, so it refused to install consistent versions of just about anything starting with ImageMagick and working up. Networking/systemd/dhcpcd fargled due to lxc/apparmor too.

So after an evenings's hassle, my work VM is now running debian/testing and my build environment for work works too.

xylophilist, to photography
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Foggy Exuberance

New Year's Eve 2023-24 had some impressively thick mist in parts, so I strolled down through local woods and found one of my favourite contorted characterful trees.

Photo available as prints, cards, masks and more via the website: https://shiny.photo/photo/Foggy-Exuberance-87a3b169e29a635776a14ae9ed4c8de5

xylophilist, to Scotland
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Tullibardine Chapel

Some people would take a photo. I shot 156 * 48MP = 7.3Gpx of data, computed a 3d model in WebODM and rendered it with moody lighting in Blender, as one does.

(Final toning & vignette in LuminarAI, just for completeness.)

#perthshire #scotland #drone #art #photography #WebODM #mapping #geo

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@simon_brooke Well it's the first result I've had from the process and only time I've ever got anything out of Blender, but I am intending majoring in this reconstruction approach this year. We'll see how good it gets.

Zip archive: http://misc.sty.nu/Tullibardine-Loan-07-03-2024-all.zip

For a quick start,

  1. File/Import odm_orthophoto/odm_orthophoto.tif into Google Earth or qfis or similar

  2. import odm_texturing/odm_textured_model_geo.obj into Meshlab and spin it around a bit :)

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Near St Andrews, Maiden Rock is a seastack, a remnant of a former cliff formation dating back to the end of the last Ice Age ~10,000 years ago. The sea level was about 4 meters higher than it is today. Over the years, erosion from waves and weathering sculpted the cliff into a sandstone pillar approximately 20m tall.

2.2Gpx data (Parrot Anafi) became a 3D model, rendered it in Blender, finished in LuminarAI.

A 3D model from 2.2Gpx of data showing the Maiden Rock sandstone seastack outside St Andrews, Scotland, relit and rendered in Blender and finished in LuminarAI.

xylophilist, to photography
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Highland Boundary Fault. Anti-crepuscular rays in the distance. Entire sky flamed orange pink and red from west to east horizon.
How do I embrace this whole universe?

It's all so beautiful
Like a landscape painting in the sky
Ooh, it's bliss

  • Queen, A Winter's Tale

#landscape #photography #sunset #geology #stonehaven #Scotland #nature

xylophilist, to RadioControl
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End of an Era

The Mavic 2 Pro arrived on 9 Jul 2019.

4.5 year and a fair few miles together later and the gimbal cable is acting up and image transmission failing at increasingly inconvenient moments.

So this is the last photo I'll be making with it. Farewell little droneybird 😢

xylophilist, to RadioControl
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Sunset over the Highland Boundary Fault

Garron Point by Stonehaven golf course, last night. Doesn't get more dramatic a location than this.

xylophilist, to Scotland
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Light come, light go

Two variations on the cliché location at Rattray Head lighthouse - one with gorgeous golden low sunlight, another with no light but a classic composition featuring washed-up fishing net litter. Heck. Let's call it what it is: environmental pollution.

#aberdeenshire #scotland #photography #rattrayhead #lighthouse #light #landscapephotography #environment #polltion

Crappy light on foreground washed-up netting litter, approaching Rattray Head lighthouse

xylophilist, to Astronomy
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Paint the Sky with Stars

A bit of random browsing around the night sky stumbled across Sharpless Sh2-140 in Cepheus. 10.5hr data shot with an 80ED and IDAS NBZ filter, processed and Ha & OIII channels extracted in APP, tweaked and combined in PixInsight and Affinity.

Prints available: https://shiny.photo/photo/Paint-the-Sky-with-Stars--Sh2-140--Cepheus-50bcbf16f19c15df619f9edcec67db3c

#astronomy #astrophotography #scotland #naturephotography #NightPhotography #nightsky #pixinsight #nebula

xylophilist, to Scotland
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xylophilist, to RadioControl
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Big scenery, cracking symmetrical reflection and bonus little misty fog patches in Glencoe and Ballachulish

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Perfect moment. Symmetrical reflections. Winter. Light. Stuff. Yum. 😍

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