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I'm Guyanese, have worked in tech for almost 30 years, am a Formula 1 fan (Go Checo!), and I collect retro computer operating systems, applications, and systems.

#retrocomputing #vintagecomputing #retropc #retrosoftware #operatingsystems #linux

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See a #Digital #VAXStation 4000 VLC boot into DECWindows MOTIF on #OpenVMS over the network in 2024.


#unix #unixporn #retrobattlestations #retrocomputing #dec

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The Serial Port team resurrect the once extinct FTP indexing and search tool Archie. This was an interesting journey, to be sure.


#retrocomputing #internethistory #computerhistory #internet #theserialport

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Why does plymouthd do this moments after boot starts?
It displays the mobo logo and the spinner for a second or two, then that screen disappears and does this. It stays like this for 5 seconds or so then puts me at sddm login screen just fine.

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@meatlotion You probably have an nVidia GPU. Plymouth has trouble with changing display modes on nv cards. If you use an Intel iGPU, you get a full screen animation from UEFI to login screen.

I'm not sure about what happens on AMD cards or iGPUs. Or on Intel ARC, but I expect all of those have a better user experience than nVidia.

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How much ram did your first computer have at your home ?๐Ÿค”

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@nixCraft 4 MB

(It was a 33 MHz 486DX in 1995)

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DNS is so critical to the modern Internet, yet it's so often taken for granted. NCommander explores The Old Ways of life with UNIX without DNS.

Netscape, But It Doesn't Support DNS (ft. SunOS 4 and NIS) https://youtube.com/watch?v=72IngPgZQM4

#retrocomputing #retronetworking #internethistory #computerhistory #sunmicrosystems #sunos #solaris #unix #netscape #ncommander

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Everything you never wondered about the 6502 processor:

The 6502 CPU Powered a Whole Generation! https://youtube.com/watch?v=acUH4lWe2NQ&si=wQLBWwjG8mb0cgFk

#retrocomputing #6502 #computerhistory #the8bitguy

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Having Wayland in Ubuntu VM (22.04) and wanting to slim it down a bit, if apt remove xorg, seeing as only use Wayland (and xwayland) would it still be breaking or should it work ok?

Asking for a friend.

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Never tried it. Why not take a snapshot of your VM and try? If it blows up, just roll back.

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I just put up a web server 30 seconds ago using a subdomain I created last night and it's already getting hammered by bots. They have to have the right hostname in order for it to pass through all the vhost proxy stuff I've got going on. How the heck did they get the hostname so quickly?

wossman, (edited )
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Create a wildcard certificate (*.fozztexx.com for example) from Let's Encrypt manually using the EFF's Certbot tool and load that into your reverse proxy server. Then you can spin up new subdomains at will, without broadcasting their existence to the world.

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FireWire was such an amazing bus technology. I often wonder what could have been, if it had won out over the vastly inferior at the time USB standard.

I guess today we have Thunderbolt as its spiritual successor, enabling a lot of what it offered, and then some. But I still miss

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@thias True.

And even pure PCIe is now beginning to be used as an external bus, allowing systems to share devices much more efficiently. Just take a look at the composable stuff from Liqid. It's starting in the datacenter, but in a few years we'll all be plugging external devices into a shared PCIe (Gen 6 or 7?) bus and sharing them among our local systems, just like the greybeards of old intended.

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@nazokiyoubinbou And there were royalties to be paid to implement FireWire. Sony got around that to some extent by calling it iLink but in marketing, that suggested their ecosystem was its own thing, and that may have turned off some buyers.

But coming back to the royalties, Thunderbolt has the same issue. But USB 4 (which is mostly Thunderbolt 4) is less encumbered, so it should enjoy greater adoption.

Royalties kill good tech. Companies need to realize that a rising tide lifts all boats.

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@thias That sounds genuinely cool!

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People with hundreds of open tabs in their browser are the same people that have thousands of unread emails in their inbox.

Change my mind.

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@larsrosenquist @anderseknert Not necessarily. The tabs are open because we declined the notifications. Now how else will we know when something happens? ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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over one year my retrocomputing storage room went from an organized archive to this disaster. today iโ€™ve had enough. time to sort and clean. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

#marchintosh #retrocomputing

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@vga256 I spy with my little eye, a glorious diamond of an O2 in that coalmine of yours!

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Updated the SparcStation to Solaris 2.6, the version where it starts to get a little obnoxious. But I needed it to run a couple of important packages #RetroComputing

A computer monitor displaying the interface of the SimCity video game with various open windows and menus related to game settings and city selection.

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SIMCity on Solaris for the win! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ

That's quite neat, I think.

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Sends other UNIX boxes to /dev/null. On of my favorite ads.

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@quadra700 That OS X is one baaaadddd mammajamma! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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After TWO WEEKS of working on it, our first Vision Pro video is finally up. We're tackling displays, lenses, batteries, passthrough, and more; HOWEVER, in a way that addresses your questions that have gone unanswered! https://youtu.be/eOH33sWgds8

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@snazzyq I look forward to the day when the descendants of Vision Pro and SORA let you just speak any immersive environment you can think of into being around you on demand, like a Holodeck or Danger Room. That'll be the day!

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The book is pricey as heck on eBay. ๐Ÿ˜•

The PDF from the Internet Archive (link in article) will have to do.


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So I've finally gotten around to trying USENET for the first time thanks to this article from El Reg.


#usenet #retrocomputing

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IMAX Using 20-Year-Old Palm Software to Project Oppenheimer | Extremetech


> Rather than redesign its Quick Turn Reel Units, IMAX built a PalmPilot emulator.

#imax #palmos #retrocomputing #emulation #oppenheimer #movies

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@penguin42 I agree that a port would probably be trivial. And as for training... Anyone in the modern workforce today can easily wrap their head around any interface that was simple enough that it could be implemented within the limits of PalmOS back then.

Honestly, I think they just did it for the love of PalmOS, and that's a motive I can wholeheartedly get behind. More power to them.

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