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Captain Janeway - Hair Master (lemmy.world)

My favorite part was how her hair was in a beautiful and much more complicated knot in the premier episode, then it was a mangled mess after Voyager was thrown to the Delta Quadrant, but they make a show of her fixing it into the simpler knot with her bare hands while walking the corridors from one disaster to another....


I love this because it means Picard is even more of a bad ass rebel.


Instant isn’t as terrible as a lot of people make out but you also don’t need to complicate fresh brewed coffee either, brewing in a french press is only slightly more inconvenient than instant but gives a much better tasting coffee.

What I can’t forgive is incorrectly brewed fresh coffee. People who use a drip coffee machine and leave it in the jug burning and going stale for hours, I just don’t get it instant would be better in that case. Then you have the people that microwave coffee until it’s bubbling and sunder why it tastes bitter.

  1. AI/bot communication
  2. Porn
  3. Cat pictures/memes

Listed in order of traffic volume 😜


This is starting to feel like their way of blocking Fallout London from releasing indefinitely.


Doesn’t surprise me, he has a track record of ignoring rules set out by the government, even when it was him making the rules!


They should still be charged if the wrong amount of postage has been paid.

So if you send what royal mail count as a large letter but with a normal stamp instead of a large letter stamp they will be fined and charged the difference in postage.

Can we all agree that whatever version of predictive text we have nowadays is crap, and has been for a long time?

I’m sick of random capitalisations mid sentence. I’m sick of common words being replaced by less common ones or even downright nonsense. I’m sick of it taking three attempts to successfully get the word I want. I swear it’s been like this for five years or more. Can we have a better version yet, or at least the old one...


You have forever changed the way I communicate from this day on.

which launcher would you suggest and why?

so I finally got the motivation to install lineage os to my phone after thinking about it like year. and now that I finally modified this phone I started thinking about ricing this phone a bit. I’m looking for a launcher that isn’t too minimalistic and with a decent amount of customization. kinda like kde bit you know…...


Niagara launcher

It’s a minimalistic approach, you get one widget at the top of the screen and then a handful of favourite apps.

There’s no app draw instead you scroll an alphabet on either side of the screen to find apps.

Works really well if you have a lot of apps and you want to find them by name.

In the paid version you can have multiple widgets but they stack in the one spot and you have to swipe between them.

It’s perfect if you want an uncluttered launcher.


Start at the Y for they and then move down diagonally left.


In addition to features for migrating communities and accounts I think the ability to set up a special type of instance that just archives everything from all the instances it’s federated to would be a huge benefit.

Something along the lines of an instance that doesn’t allow new content to be created, only consumed. This way if an instance were to permanently close we could migrate it’s communities to other instances from the archive.

This could also extend to migration of lost accounts, though ensuring the original account holder is the one making a request could become a nightmare of an overhead. The situation could be improved though if lemmy got some sort of feature for linking accounts across multiple instances.


My wife added ABBA’s Dancing Queen to our driving playlist for our first long trip. Silence into a deafening piano slide half way through the drive was an interesting way to nearly die from shock.


I did something similar with Puppet a while ago, it also runs as root so hot the same problem.

My solution was to set up my own package repo for the AUR packages I needed and just build them periodically. This way I only have to build them once for all the machines.



I build on my laptop and then add to the repo stored on my NAS.

I’ve also got chaotic-aur set up as they tend to build the bulk of what I need from the AUR so I only have to build the more niche packages I use.


Used to have a coal fire when I was growing up in the 90s, rural Wales, was able to heat our water too.

Nothing beats a baked potato cooked under a coal fire.

Everyone should stop using microsofts github and look for better alternatives.

Github isn’t good enough . Everyone should look for more privacy , security based alternatives and support them . You should not give big corpos any more of your money . Besides it goes against every fiber of ethics of foss dev’s . I know most people will not agree with me because it’s hard to make the switch or github is...


The previous gorilla was called Sourceforge and it’s still cowering in the corner.

We’re just waiting on the next young gorilla to step up and make a challenge.

It is still 90 seconds to midnight: the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists leave Doomsday Clock unchanged due to ominous trends that continue to point the world toward global catastrophe. (thebulletin.org)

The Doomsday Clock is a design that warns the public about how close we are to destroying our world with dangerous technologies of our own making. It is a metaphor, a reminder of the perils we must address if we are to survive on the planet....


Honestly with the way the world is at the moment I think they should have moved it forwards again this year.

Things aren’t the same as last year they’re getting worse and that should have been reflected.


They’re them at the glowing bit until it’s dark.


Said Conservative has also been rewarded for all of this by being made a lord.


I have never once missed it. I’ve already switched to Bluetooth for my headphones and car. At home I cast to the hifi or Bluetooth speaker.

I got an adaptor to let me use cabled headphones when I need to and I’ve used it twice, once was to test it even worked.

The use case just doesn’t exist for me anymore.


Pretty much, it’s paracetamol, caffeine and a decongestant. All things that are normally cheaper as tablets.

See: www.medicines.org.uk/emc/product/5620/smpc

I’ve always hated the taste of Lemsip because of the paracetamol, don’t understand how people can stand it.

I just take some tablets and have a mug of hot lemon/honey, the hot drink helps with congestion and the honey soothes a sore throat. Lemsip just mashes it all up into one powder.

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