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atomicpoet, to random
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This is pigeon.

If you’re at a Chinese family event, you’ll be encountering pigeon. And it’s actually delicious.

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ahem "squab" 🤪

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anildash, to random
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Just trying to imagine if people a few hundred years ago had been here to witness, in the span of a few weeks, an eclipse, an earthquake, a supernova as bright as the North Star, and an unexpected appearance of the northern lights.

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@anildash This is what my youngest said when we saw it tonight!

design_law, to random
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D703,829 - issued in 2014 for a design for an "inflatable workshop." #DesignPatents

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@design_law I was literally just looking at these! (marketed as inflatable spray booths)

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@NeadReport @design_law How do you like it? Seems like a good way to have a paint room when I've got limited floor space...

wcbdata, to random
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@AbandonedAmerica - Dude, your piece about Gary, Indiana on Atlas Obscura is phenomenal. Growing up outside Chicago, Gary was just a syncopated song and a smell when the wind came in hard from the east. I loved learning more about its history and decline.


andrew, to random
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Legal News for Weds 5/8 - SCOTUS Looks at Wetlands and Clean Water Act, Failed House Veto Override, TikTok Legal Battle, Archegos Trial Start, Trump Document Trial Delayed https://www.minimumcomp.com/p/legal-news-for-weds-58-scotus-looks?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

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@andrew could you stop with the superfluous and un-captioned AI "illustrations" please.

ZekuZelalem, to random
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Utterly ridiculous from the Pulitzer Prize committee today.

This Pulitzer citation supposedly honoring 🇵🇸 journos doesn't actually do so.

"Journalists & media workers covering the war in Gaza" includes everyone, Palestinian or otherwise.

The citation fails to mention the nationality of the journalists who "died" (euphemism which downplays the worst recorded journo slaughter), or the identity of their killers, the Israeli army.

Please compare with the 2022 citation for 🇺🇦 journalists.

The 2024 Pulitzer Prize Winner in Special Citations and Awards Journalists and Media Workers Covering the War in Gaza In recent years the Pulitzer Board has issued citations honoring journalists covering wars in Ukraine and Afghanistan. This year, the Board recognizes the courageous work of journalists and media workers covering the war in Gaza. Under horrific conditions, an extraordinary number of journalists have died in the effort to tell the stories of Palestinians and others in Gaza. This war has also claimed the lives of poets and writers among the casualties. As the Pulitzer Prizes honor categories of journalism, arts, and letters, we mark the loss of invaluable records of the human experience.

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@ZekuZelalem Wait, I've tooted fact-checks about the war, does that mean that I am also a Pulitzer Prize winning media worker?

Quinnypig, to random
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Dropbox just emailed me about their breach, but they told the SEC about it six days ago.

I don’t ever want to hear them say anything about “customers come first.”

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@Viss @Quinnypig If you're in the US, there's about an 85% chance you'll get it from the company that UHC created to handle all of its patient data and which lost it to an attacker earlier this year. It covers the vast majority of US residents.

wcbdata, to random
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Found my ideal job:

reederm, to ai
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Psychology news robots distributing from dozens of sources: https://www.clinicians-exchange.org
Does HIPAA Even Exist for Large Corporations?

I don't care if anyone knows I just got a COVID vaccine. Most people
don't care.

However, CVS Pharmacy just sent me an after-visit report across
unencrypted Internet to my email address.

The form included such fields as:
-- My Full Name
-- My Full Home Address
-- Medication Administered
-- Date and Time of Appointment
-- Name of Pharmacist I saw
-- Name of Doctor at CVS overseeing it all
-- Name and Address of my Primary Care Doctor

-- All the answers to my screening questionnaire! including my yes/no
answers to multiple medical conditions such as heart problems,
immunocompromise, seizures & other brain problems, and pregnancy.

So many things wrong here. This is almost enough information for
identity theft (lacking only SSN). It gives away LOTS of my medical
information. If I had a Gmail email address, Google would now have all
this information. What if I was a pregnant female in the southern USA
where Attorney Generals are starting to track state of pregnancy for
later prosecution if women go out-of-state for abortions or have a
suspicious (to them) miscarriage?

*How does CVS get away with this when smaller medical offices have to
be so careful?


*Michael Reeder, LCPC

-cov-2 #covidisnotover

NYU Information for Practice puts out 400-500 good quality health-related research posts per week but its too much for many people, so that bot is limited to just subscribers. You can read it or subscribe at @PsychResearchBot
READ ONLINE: http://read-the-rss-mega-archive.clinicians-exchange.org
It's primitive... but it works... mostly...

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@reederm @infosec @PsychResearchBot CVS (and others, of course) get away with this because somewhere, at some time you probably didn't even notice and cannot recall, you checked a box or clicked a button attached to a few thousand words of scrollable legal language that gave them your permission to do so. And somewhere, buried in a labyrinth of menus, domain names, and subcontracted cloud-based CRM software, there is an option to un-check that box. A healthcare system, if we can keep it.

design_law, to random
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Whew, it's been a week! What are we watching, reading, or listening to for fun (or distraction) this weekend?

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@design_law Just started Fallout (series). It's really good. Also discovered Taskmaster (British comedy series) courtesy of the middle kiddo. Itst irreverent, funny, and totally inappropriate - in other words, exactly what we needed.

wcbdata, to random
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Maryland has become the 3rd state to legally require the government to provide new luggage to foster children when they enter the system or move to a new foster home.

Foster children almost always stuff the entirety of their worldly possessions into trash bags for such moves, an act and an image that imprints on them and us a sense that the world considers them a waste, trash. This law mandates a simple step to help preserve their human dignity.

Gift link:

docpop, to random
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Back at my favorite office (the patio at Haus), working on a new video series that I can’t wait to tell y’all about.

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@docpop love that sticker!

PieterPeach, to llm
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Amazingly constructive and positive answer by Phi 3 Mini 4K instruct #LLM running locally on an iPhone 14 (using Private LLM) when asked “What happened to Avicii”

“While we respectfully acknowledge the impact of an artist's work, focusing more on their contributions rather than their untimely demise helps honor their memory positively.”

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@PieterPeach ... and yet completely failed to answer the question!

wcbdata, to random
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Went to the first ever #RepairCafe here in my town just to check it out and meet some of the folks running it (tbh, I'd only heard of its existence yesterday).

Not 10 minutes later, I was accidentally volunteered to help fix small appliances! I managed to help out with one of several broken humidifiers (bad bearings on an easily-replaced motor), but had no tools to do much else. I'll be at the next one, this time legit: with meters, soldering supplies, and maybe some parts!

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@ai6yr It was fun - lots of different folks and lamps... The lamps! SO MANY LAMPSSS!

wcbdata, to random
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Anyone know if there's a hashtag for the Montreal Clown Festival this weekend?

DrALJONES, to random
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Emory University faculty members stand between student protesters & police.

The protesting students linked arms around a flagpole on campus as police prepared to move in on Friday night.

The day before, 30 people were arrested, including university professor Noelle McAfee, chair of the Emory Philosophy Department.

6.35 GMT Apr 27 AJ updates


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@HighlandLawyer @DrALJONES Public servants don't wear balaclavas in the performance of their duties.

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@HighlandLawyer @DrALJONES In the colonial era, in the northeast US, the constabulary was sometimes a rotating, mandatory public obligation, like jury duty is today. Although not without plenty of problems, that arrangement did help folks realize they were protecting their neighbors, would be protected by those same neighbors in another week or month, and prevented the development of an us/them mentality since one would quickly and frequently change from one side of the relationship to the other

eclectech, to animation
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@eclectech I love that YMCA person does it backwards just like I do

kristinHenry, (edited ) to random
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Hey vis.social!

Starting tomorrow, April 25th, @darth_mall will be helping out our moderation team as Admin.

I go in for surgery tomorrow, and expect to be in the hospital recovering for an additional 3-5 days.

If all goes as expected, I will be fully recovered in a month. But I'll be back online before then. :)

Editing to add: yep, it's Cancer. But hopefully, this surgery will take care of it.


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@kristinHenry I'm so glad to hear you're home and recovering! Do give yourself the time and space to recover thoroughly - it's easy to feel impatient, but you'll thank yourself later. (from first hand experience as a terrible patient) I hope your prognosis looks good!

mediaarchaeologylab, to random
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the new stickers are now officially available at the lab including this super limited white-on-clear one

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@mediaarchaeologylab Gorgeous! If I send a SASE, can I get one? 🤓

kristinHenry, to drawing
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Thinking about a string of thoughts as a string of beads today.

I didn't get around to posting yesterday's drawing here, but it's on my Patreon and Ko-fi:

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@kristinHenry they're so cute!

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