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Just your average unmarketable, anticapitalist plushie gal. I love games (video games, board games, card games, ttrpgs, etc.) and other nerd shit.

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Yeah the only way to stop violent transphobia like this to crack the fuck down on the stochastic terrorism perpetrated by right-wing talking heads. They should be imprisoned for life, no parole, no nothing.

Unfortunately, that kind of bill won’t pass anywhere I can think of, and it’d be hard to enforce against anonymous terrorists.

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Open source army, kill this woman (/joking)

Yakuza rule (pawb.social)

Image transcription: a screenshot of a Twitter post by @YUYA_FUNGAM1. It reads “every time i see this fucking image i think its a yakuza screenshot without fail”. Attached is a still from iCarly of a man standing next to a vending machine, his slight resemblance to Yakuza protagonist Kiryu and the third-person perspective of...

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I haven’t played Yakuza either, so I know exactly how you feel x3

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FYI, Nina Paley is a TER"F".

It is a good video though, it’s a shame it’s made by such a shithead.

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Ironically, Bill Gates actually recommended Ubuntu in an ad for the distro

Scott the Rule (pawb.social)

Image transcription: a cartoon taking place outside an American high school. A stereotypical jock jabs a spectacled nerd (who bears a resemblance to the YouTuber Scott the Woz) while two of his other peers smirk from behind him. The jock states “Holy shit it’s Scott the woz”, the nerd responding “Hey all, Scott here”....

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Oh, you didn’t know? He basically went off the deep end after people criticised an episode of the IT Crowd that glorified violence against trans women.

He literally does nothing these days but post transphobic bullshit on Twitter, which is why his wife left him and took the kids (lol)

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